What You Should Know About First Medical Cannabis

First Medical Cannabis is located in Puerto Rico and is dedicated to providing excellent alternatives for patients using medicinal cannabis.

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First Medical Cannabis is located in Puerto Rico and is dedicated to providing excellent alternatives for patients using medicinal cannabis. According to the company, their directors and executives have over 30 years of extensive knowledge in the health industry. They are focused on providing only the very best medical cannabis on the island.

About First Medical Cannabis

Their philosophy, they do not just grow marijuana plants, they grow medicine for those in need. Through their years of knowledge, they have developed products based on medical cannabis of the very highest quality.

Their mission is to offer patients natural alternatives to improve their mental, physical, and social well-being using medical cannabis. They strive to improve the quality of patients’ lives through innovation, education, and comprehensive care.

First Medical Cannabis Uses Leading Edge Technology

The company uses only the latest technology and recruits only the very best resources for developing not only a unique but high-quality product, meeting the highest standards. First Medical Cannabis knows that values are defined by the quality of their services and products. They thrive to look to the future through research, integrity in their operations, and honesty built between patients and their team. They are completely dedicated to providing patients with products of the highest quality.

They go out of their way to offer patients a variety of products, based on medical cannabis, as excellent alternatives that will match each patient’s individual treatments to alleviate and improve their symptoms.

Learn More About First Medical Cannabis’ Products

First Medical Cannabis has gone out of their way to provide a large range of products of medical cannabis that gives patients the choice of methods for consumption that suits them best for their given condition. They want everyone to know, the growing process and manufacturing at First Medical Cannabis LLC is under very strict regulations. They use procedures that are monitored by experts to ensure the final product is very effective.

Their products are made of oils, flowers, capsules, creams, wax, edibles, and dyes. All doses are recommended by the medical certificate based on the individual’s condition in order to achieve the very best results and tolerance to achieve each person to a better quality of life.


On December 16, 2017, a celebration was held for the Puerto Rico Island Cup which was considered the very first competitive event for Medical Cannabis among farmers across the entire island.

The Puerto Rican Association PRO, Cannabis Club, and Kung Fu Vapes got together with Jimmy Diaz, a taster of medical cannabis and judge of events in the United States, for organizing the event. The Puerto Rico Island Cup was a great success attended by over 20 exhibitors and hundreds of participants which included patients, businessmen, and traders within the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Strains of marijuana were chosen by patients within the island-wide dispensaries. All these patients used cannabis as part of their medical treatments for chronic conditions. Among the winners, First Medical Cannabis manufacturing was selected and awarded the Best Hybrid Cups and Best Farming Equipment.

About First Medical Cannabis Dispensaries:

First Medical Cannabis has created a plan for greater growth and convenience for patients with modern, new, comfortable dispensaries so they can provide their community with better accessibility. At the moment, they have two new dispensaries:

Mayagüez, P.R.
Carr. #2 Km 147.6 Bo,
Mayagüez, 00681 Puerto Rico
Isabela, P.R.
Calle Juan Hernandez Ortiz No. 1 Esq
Street Agustin Ramos Calero Isabela Puerto Rico

Reviews From Patients At First Medical Cannabis:

(Translated to English)


A complete dispensary, excellent service, they weigh the flowers in front of you, not like other dispensaries that sell you less for what you pay because they are packed previously. From experiences from other dispensaries such as B-Green, I recommend First Medical Cannabis 110%, When you arrive at the parking lot, you can perceive a strong smell of cannabis as in aisles as they grow, packed, and distributed a very pleasant experience. #1


“Very good, of the best experiences. They sow the flowers that they sell and the staff is well trained and is nice. Also for those who may be interested do trade fairs for new patient licenses and offer Breakfast /snack and everything. I recommend it.”

2 More Review In English

“Great flower and product variety. Professional knowledgeable service. Always Dense buds and some good deals. Haven’t heard the phrase: “Se Acabo” here, yet. Love those GSC dense nuggets!”


“Harmony starts at the door. I’ve been around in other dispensaries but this was, and is, the experience you were hoping for! Like a kid on a candy store. And the people, THE BEST! Always great deals and service.”

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