What To Do When Weed Gets Wet?

You may have gotten your precious weed soaking wet, but it is completely salvageable.


When Weed is Wet What-To-Do’s

Ok, first off, DO NOT PANIC! You may have gotten your precious weed soaking wet, but it is completely salvageable. It may take you a day or two to get it sorted and your reputation as a seasoned stoner may have taken a hit, but the stash is not lost.

So, what can you do to get your buds back and your weed working again? Just follow a couple of simple drying methods and you’ll be back on the bong in no time.

Paper Drying Method

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As soon as you discover wet weed, get it wrapped in a paper towel or put it in a paper bag. You should then put the paper and weed into a dark and dry storage place. Try to make sure that there is good air circulation in the storage area; maybe stick a fan or humidifier in there. Keep checking on your stash every couple of hours, replace the paper and turn the weed every time. Also, check for mould when you are turning the cannabis.

Rice Drying Method

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Put the wet cannabis I to a Mason jar and fill the jar with uncooked rice. Leave the jar sitting uncovered for one day, then remove the weed and check it for mould. Store it in a similar room to the one mentioned above and also use a fan or humidifier if you have one. When your weed seems to be dry, break it up and use the Paper Drying Method to get it rid of any residual damp if you need to.

When Your Weed Gets Wet You Should Avoid Using Heat or Light

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It is a temptation to use some heat, a strong lamp, hairdryer or even a microwave oven to try and get your weed dry quicker. But, these things will not do your weed any good at all and will degrade your weed. More seriously, using them can actually burn off some of your weed’s THC, cannabinoids and terpenes. It will also make for a harsher, less pleasant experience when you use it. No, patience is the key, so just let it dry in time.

What About When Weed Gets Seriously Wet?

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Mould is the real killer; if you’ve dried out your weed using the methods above and there is still mould on it, I’m afraid to say that it’s a goner. Smoking mould is really bad for your lungs, so just get rid of any weed that has it.

Another doomsday scenario is if you have gotten your weed wet whilst swimming in the ocean or a swimming pool. Again, smoking weed that has sea salt contamination that has been exposed to swimming pool chemicals is dangerous. Get rid!

Apart from these few critical situations, you should be OK. THC is not water-soluble, so spilling a drink on it or dropping some into your bong will not do it any real harm. Just follow the procedures above, take no shortcuts and wait until it’s dry. So, no need for any wet weed weeping now that you have these Wet Weed What-To-Do’s.

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