What is Mexican Brick Weed?

A brief history of Mexican brick weed. Mexican brick weed manufacture, production and transportation. Mexican Brick Weed Unlike today, when


A brief history of Mexican brick weed. Mexican brick weed manufacture, production and transportation.

Mexican Brick Weed

Unlike today, when compared with the days of old, cannabis was rare. Andy by “old days” we mean time before 1970 and 1980. That was the heyday time of Mexican brick week and it was commonly used by people. It might not be widely known, but it was popular and highly consumed. With the legalization of weed products and the ability to grow cannabis right in your own home, brick weed is no longer popular. This fundamentally is a good thing, when one takes into account that as far as cannabis goes, this stuff smells bad and tastes horrible. Sure it can still be found on some remote street corner if you look hard enough. Some may have even smoked it, not realizing what it was.

And just want is Mexican brick week you ask? Well, for starters, just by looking at its appellation, you can guess where it comes from. Originally, it came from Mexico and other times it would come from other South American countries. And in the manufacturing process, it was pressed and shaped into bricks. Hence why it’s called brick weed. Essentially what this is, it’s a form of weed that is mostly produced in Mexico and pressed to form a solid pack much like a brick. This was done by using a hydraulic press. It would be purchased with the intention of then cutting it into smaller pieces to smoke.

The growing of Mexican brick weed starts with a large number of seeds that are planted. And when it’s harvest time, all the branches are placed together to make one big pile of cannabis. This pile is then left to dry in the sun. The downside is that with all the branches in such close proximity to one another, many parts of the plant were ruined due to rotting. This is another reason why Mexican brick weed has a reputation for smelling so foul and tasting so bad. When the plants are completely dry, they are formed as big cubes with quantities greater than 40KG. Then the big piles are cut down into smaller ones for packaging in plastic-wrapped with tape.

Back in its heyday, brick weed was the gold standard. Understandably so considering that there were no other options available for the cannabis consumer. But thanks to today’s advancement in quality technology, cannabis and the new laws for weed smoking, people don’t have to smoke brick weed anymore. These days marijuana seeds are of much better quality. The cultivation and harvesting is easier too. And while moisture may get caught up between the branches, with the use of a bong, the bitter taste will be ameliorated. A bong will help cut the bitterness.

Cannabis used to be illegal, but with laws changing regarding its legalization, the weed industry has to find new ways. The foundation of the popularity of brick weed was predicated solely on the prohibition of cannabis. Naturally, the brick form facilitated its easy transportation. And with the weed being harvested in Mexico, its transportation was a crucial element to selling the weed. And due to the prohibition laws, people would buy the bricks and smoke it in smaller pieces. But with today, those who enjoy sparking up can find numerous kinds of weed available with a variety of tastes and smells to suit all preferences. Mexican brick weed is no longer popular or in demand, thanks to the legislation of weed across countries. Today there are much higher, more potent types of marijuana on the market, so brick weed is now, well and truly, a thing of the past.

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