The Elevated Mind: What Does Weed Feel Like? What the Government Missed

The marketing folks behind the government’s cannabis awareness campaign miss why many Canadians love getting high

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When the Canadian government’s cannabis public awareness campaign launched pre-legalization, many who had already integrated recreational cannabis use into our daily lives exhaled with disappointment. Did the govenment asked the question, “What does weed feel like? And how does it benefit the mass population?” 

While adult users were not the target of the campaign, those curious about trying cannabis deserved more credit than fear-inducing, intellectually-insulting ads.

The Message That Should Have Been

The marketing folks kind of missed the point why many Canadians love getting high. I wonder if they questioned, what does weed feel like for most? And why we keep getting high even as we move through adulthood. Cannabis provides comfort, understanding and awareness. The message should have been: your mind is about to be elevated and your body is going to feel pretty great. Notice. Be still. Breathe.

Cannabis is not just about getting high. On the way there are important moments of synthesized thinking, empowered thoughts, and feelings of curiosity to get to that headspace where mindfulness happens.

It’s very much like meditation. It’s also a personal thing.

Indica vs Sativa

I love strategy. Problem solving is my idea of a good time. Indica just doesn’t do it for me. Indicas cause that shift that you feel when you walk into a recording studio with great acoustic absorption – you can feel the quiet. I find comfort in a bit of background noise.

That’s why I prefer sativa products. Sativa lifts me above the chatter. It’s like finding the right Insta filter to perfectly express a thought. With sativa, the issues that have been blocking me are made more clear and important details I have missed are amplified.

So What Does Weed Feel Like?

The giggles always seem to follow some combination of the physical changes that cannabis causes in me. That usually happens at the moment that my stress and anxiety peel away.

What Does Weed Feel Like? Stress relief and anxiety relief.

Of course, being too high can feel really uncomfortable. Going beyond your limits and becoming dizzy, nauseous or paranoid is never enjoyable. And the government’s advice to “start low and go slow” does try to tap into the notion that getting closer to your happy place requires practice.

THC products take time to learn how to master. My hope post-legalization is that there will be more openness about why we get high. It’s a good time to show off the potential of the elevated mind.

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