What is Cannabis Tea and How Does it Affect You?

Cannabis tea: a gentle psychoactive experience in a steaming cup

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I love a cup of tea in the evening. I also enjoy burning one to help me get to sleep. So it’s strange that I hadn’t thought about combining the two to create cannabis tea.

Like many cannabis consumers, I don’t normally stray far from my well-developed habits.

Many nights end for me with mint tea after some wine and a bit of sativa to unlock my brain. Hot flash frustrations aside, I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep is another story.

I wondered if cannabis tea is something I should get into. I turned to my cannabis social network for some opinions.

Mary is an active mother of two young boys. She owns and operates a small graphic design business and teaches yoga as a side hustle. She always looks great which seems unfair to me because I don’t have kids and I know that parenting can be exhausting. 

Add Tincture to Regular Tea for Cannabis Tea

Mary says she cares a lot about both her physical and mental health.

“I usually drop some cannabis tincture into a lavender and chamomile tea in the evenings to help me unwind,” she says. “The feeling of ingesting cannabis is different from inhaling. I find that it relaxes the body. I feel it in my body more than my brain.”

She adds that she likes using a tincture because it’s easy to measure dosing.

“I am not a fan of edibles as it’s hard to know just how much you are getting and they can cause a very intense body buzz that can be a little overwhelming sometimes,” she explains. “The tincture in my tea really just provides a relaxing sensation without feeling high.”

Great for Anxiety

Art is living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and is dependent on the oxygen that he always carries around in a tank.

“At times I get severe infections which cause anxiety and the feeling of not being able to get your breath which can cause panic and my sleep suffers,” he says.

His doctor suggested morphine to help him relax. But after visiting a dispensary on a reserve near his home, he started using cannabis tea.

“I don’t use cannabis in any other way,” he says. “I only want it to help me relax. I only use the tea on rare occasions when I really need it.”

Good for Relaxation

Art, like Mary and the others who responded to my queries, all say that cannabis tea did not cause an uncomfortable high, just gentle relaxation in a steaming cup. That sounded promising for my sleep issues so after a bit of research, I tried making my first brew.

cannabis tea sleep relaxation

There are a few different ways to make cannabis tea. If you don’t want to feel any of the THC’s psychoactive properties just add hot water to your ground leaf. But really, what’s the point of that?

I was looking for a gentle psychoactive experience. That meant I would have to get the THCA (the non-psychoactive acid form of THC) to turn into some THC that my body could appreciate.

Making Cannabis Tea

To do that the cannabis bud must be sufficiently heated (or dehydrated) to trigger what is called decarboxylation. This step is done by heating cannabis in the oven at 220 degrees for at least 45 minutes. Adding fats (coconut oil or some milk) also helps the THC become more bioavailable, so that your body can absorb the THC.

Or, you can do what Mary does and use a tincture which is THC that has been released through alcohol.

My cannabis tea trial had me busting out some really old, dried-out weed (about a gram) that I decarbed, then mixed with a couple of teaspoons of unsalted butter.

I dumped the mixture into a small pot of water. I threw in some mint tea, simmered for 30 minutes, strained it through a coffee filter and then gulped it down.

It tasted warm, earthy and kind of buttery. Ninety minutes later (I ran a timer) my brain was quiet – even though I used a Sativa.

I felt peaceful, relaxed and not interested in solving any problems, so I went to bed, slept through a massive thunderstorm and woke-up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Cannabis tea is a bit of work but the result is a civilized, blissful end to a long day. I appreciated the great sleep, thanks to some good advice through social networks.

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