Why you need cannabis in your sex life

As part of its efforts to promote World Sexual Health Day, the World Association for Sexual Health is encouraging conversations about cannabis

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Some people find that using cannabis enhances the connection they feel with their partner.


Cannabis is a social substance. And one of its most important qualities is how it helps bring people together—especially in the bedroom.

Indeed. A far-reaching 2017 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that marijuana users experienced “significantly higher” amounts of sex than non-users.

The study surveyed 28,176 women and 22,943 men in the United States whose average age was 30. But the results were consistent across all demographics. 

The positive affects of cannabis on sexual health are well established but under-appreciated. This year, as part of its efforts to promote World Sexual Health Day on September 4, the World Association for Sexual Health is encouraging conversations about consent, contraception—and cannabis. Because intimacy and sexual pleasure should also be a measure of sexual health.

Reaching Tantric levels of euphoria

The aphrodisiac-like qualities of cannabis are well-known.

Kief has been used in the Middle East and North Africa for centuries to heighten the affects of sex. Cannabis is also known to increase stamina. 

Smoking alone is all some people need to get turned on, thanks to CBD receptors in the brain. But reaching Tantric levels of euphoria requires a little more imagination.

Practitioners of Tantric sex have used the leaves and flower of cannabis to make a spicy concoction known as bhang. The mixture is said to produce more powerful and longer-lasting erections.

Introducing cannabis into your sex life

As more couples are exploring the idea of introducing cannabis into their sex lives, arousal sprays, lubricants, topicals and oils are all finding their way into the marijuana marketplace—and promising to take your sex life  to places it has never been before.

For Nicolle Hodges, founder of Girls Who Say Fuck, topicals are the route to “deeper, longer, and easier to reach orgasms.”

But it’s the mental benefits available from cannabis—the feeling of connection to your body, your partner, and the shared moment—that takes sex and intimacy to another level.

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That also extends to people who may struggle with anxiety, says Hodges. Cannabis can help you feel comfortable in your own skin if you feel anxious and uncomfortable about sex.

“Pleasure in the body is only ever enhanced by a quiet mind,” says Hodges.

Where do you start? How do you talk to your partner about including cannabis in your sex life?

Hodges offers a few simple tips to make your weed sex experience more breathtaking:

  • If you’re using lube, remember that the affects will be more pronounced on female sex organs.
  • Keep it on the lowdown. Make sure to set up a calm environment where disturbances and interruptions are eliminated.
  • Communicate. Good or bad, talk to with your partner throughout the process.
  • Keep expectations in check and be open to the experience.
  • Most importantly, says Hodges, “Surrender to wherever the plant wants to take you.”

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