Weed Hangover – Why You’re Still High the Morning After

“Studies seem to point at least anecdotally to the existence of weed hangovers, thankfully there are ways to avoid them.”

weed hangovers

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If you’ve woken up with a serious brain fog after the previous evening’s weed clouds have dissipated, you may be experiencing a weed hangover.

Are Weed Hangovers Real?

Research devoted to the after-effects of cannabis use is limited. But studies seem to point at least anecdotally to the existence of weed hangovers. The symptoms may include dry mouth and an overall feeling of sluggishness.

Licensed practical nurse Chelsey Rees points out that although “hangover” is a term used to refer to the after-effects of alcohol, after-effects can and do happen following cannabis use.

“As this plant has so many unique strains and strengths, the impact for individuals trying new products can vary greatly,” says Rees. Rees is the senior care coordinator at Wellworth Health, an online service that offers personalized support to medical cannabis patients.

With the profile of cannabis as a medical treatment on the rise, Rees says, proper education about cannabis use can go a long way toward mitigating issues.

Who is Most Likely to Experience This?

Rees says negative after-effects seem to be higher among folks who lead their own medicinal cannabis use. These individuals usually rely on illicit or grey market sources “that can’t guarantee the chemical makeup of their plants.”

But the rate of hangovers, she says, is even higher among those who use cannabis recreationally since they tend to consume more in order to chase a high.

Rees says legalization has made accurate information about the plant more readily available, which helps cut down on misuse or overuse.

Weed Hangover Symptoms

The most common negative after-effects reported by cannabis users:

  • Sluggishness
  • Low energy
  • Moodiness
  • Mental fog
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches

Factors influencing negative after-effects from cannabis use:

  • Amount consumed
  • Personal tolerance level
  • Overall health
  • Body composition (fat vs. muscle)
  • Hydration level
  • Other medications or substances consumed

How to Avoid a Weed Hangover

avoid weed hangover with watermelon or other water-rich foods

Stay hydrated

Many of the negative effects from cannabis use stem from dehydration and the byproducts of cannabis chemicals being broken down in the liver, says Rees. Electrolyte-boosted drinks can help combat headaches and fatigue in particular.

Eating water-rich foods

Like cucumbers and watermelons. For dry eyes and mouth, oral gels and non-medicated eye drops are a plus.

Ask your doctor about Omega 3-6-9 supplements

They help balance the body’s inflammatory response. Or try a B50 or 100 complex. These are thought to promote healthy cell growth and hormone production.

“Individual diet, medical history, and lifestyle play a role in identifying the need for a supplement,” Rees says.

Knowledge is power. Having as much info as possible about the dosage, strain and effects of what you’re consuming will help you adjust intake accordingly.

Finally, when in doubt, always proceed with caution. Rees advises that cannabis users ask themselves: “In this moment, is this right for me?”

Studies seem to point at least anecdotally to the existence of weed hangovers, thankfully there are ways to avoid them.

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