Vaping vs Smoking Weed – Which is better?

Pros and Cons of vaping vs smoking weed with a traditional pipe or bong. Vaping VS Smoking Weed Vaping cannabis


Pros and Cons of vaping vs smoking weed with a traditional pipe or bong.

Vaping VS Smoking Weed

Vaping cannabis has gained widespread popularity because people are under the impression that it’s safer and healthier than traditional smoking. In this article, we shall explore vaping vs smoking weed including pluses and minuses of each. We shall start with a brief definition of each.

Essentially, when you vape cannabis you take the cannabis oil, flower or concentrates and heat it to a controlled temperature. Through this process, it’s not going to combust the material but it’s going to release the cannabinoids and terpenes. Simply stated, vaping as in the name itself, you’re inhaling a light vapour. Whereas when you smoke, you’re inhaling a harsh smoke when you burn plant material.

When smoking cannabis, whether it be a joint or a pipe, roughly 88% of the combusted smoke gases from the smoked cannabis will contain non-cannabinoid elements. In effect, you are inhaling carbon monoxide intake which most of it does not have much benefit and does provide potential health risks. Studies have shown that with frequent cannabis use, it has led to led to Bronchitis or Emphysema and Periodontal disease. In other cases, shortness of breath has been reported and your immune cells become impaired.

Water pipes, bongs, bubblers and rigs offer different methods to consume cannabis. Through these water filtration devices, more tar and carcinogens are eliminated when compared with traditional smoking as the smoke gets filtered through the water. And while the water is also going to filter out some of the cannabinoid medicinal properties, it doesn’t entirely remove the potential health risks. It actually just lessens them a small bit.

The following are the six benefits of vaping vs smoking weed

  1. Inhale 95% Of Cannabinoids. When cannabis is vaporized, on the plus side, you are actually inhaling approximately 95% of the cannabinoids and receiving none of the negative effects that you get from smoking.
  2. More Efficient. Through vaping, this process is much more efficient. As you inhale, you’re inhaling more of the cannabinoids and terpenes instead of burning them off with traditional smoking. Less cannabis will be used so, in the long run, you’ll be saving money.
  3. Lower Temperature. When cannabis is vaped, it is done so at a lower temperature. The sensation will be cooler and less harsh on the back of your throat. And this means that it will be easier on your system.
  4. Easier To Clean. Vaporizing devices require less frequent cleaning. Hence, you’ll find that the cleaning process is an easy one.
  5. Less Smell. When it comes to vaping vs smoking, a big discussion typically arises regarding their smell. With vaping, there is less of a smell. And in this respect, vaping is better. Whereas with smoke it invariably tends to cling and stink up your hair, clothes, home and furniture. With vaping, the smell is minimal and disappears much more quickly.
  6. Better Flavour. With vaporizing you’ll be able to taste much more of the flavour in your cannabis which makes it a much more enjoyable experience for you in the long run.

And now for the cons of vaping

  1. Still harmful. And while it may appear initially that vaping is more harmless than smoking week traditionally, you’re still inhaling cannabinoids through a vaporizer device and you won’t be protected from negative health effects.
  2. Different Sensation. Do not be under the impression that when vaping it doesn’t mean you won’t get high. In fact, the sensation you’ll experience when you’re smoking will be a heaviness in your body. Hence, some people think that smoking has a greater, but not necessarily better, effect on your body and mind. To be succinct, sparking up and smoking a week traditionally makes you feel sluggish and weighed down. However, when you’re high by vaping you’ll not experience the sensation of being numbed and stuck to your couch.

And so to summarize, at this point you should have a pretty good grasp between vaping vs smoking weed. As was illustrated, there are numerous points on both sides. So when taking into a side by side comparison of vaporizing cannabis as an alternative to smoking week traditionally, then clearly vaporizing is the better choice. Vaping is not a magic bullet. Everything ultimately is up to you on how you choose to consume cannabis. You may find that you enjoy it so much, that you’ll never desire to go back to smoking. Or conversely, you may decide that it’s just not right for you. The choice is yours to make.


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    I would love to learn how to Vape with weed. Always wanted to know do to my foot and shoulder pain.

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