Vancouver’s Empower Clinics partners with DOSED filmmakers to advance psychedelics

Empower Clinics Inc. enters into a non-bind term sheet to acquire an interest in the documentary.

The documentary DOSED explores the potential psychedelics like magic mushrooms in treating addictions. VLADIMYR/GETTY IMAGES


Films are a powerful medium. They have the ability not only to change lives. They can also revolutionalize the world by transforming the way people imagine it.

Vancouver-based Empower Clinics Inc. is recognizing the importance of films by partnering with makers of DOSED, a documentary that explores the healing potential of psychedelics.

“The opportunity to partner with DOSED to help bring down stigmas and advance the science of psychedelic treatment options is a meaningful step forward to vastly improving the mental wellness outcome for millions of people around the world,” Empower chair and CEO Steven McAuley said in a media release.

In a media release on Wednesday (May 20), the company also announced the launch of its psychedelics division, Dosed Wellness Ltd.

Likewise unveiled was the website

Empower operates wellness clinics in the U.S. that offer treatment options that include the use of cannabidiol, a chemical found in cannabis known as CBD.

The listed company also sells a CBD line of products called Sollievo.

In addition, Empower is building its first CBD-extraction facility in Portland, Oregon.

The company stated in its May 20 media release that it has entered into a nonbinding term sheet with Golden Teacher Films Inc. to acquire a 10 percent interest in certain royalty rights, intellectual property rights, and interest in DOSED.

DOSED premiered in Canada in October 2019 at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

The documentary tells the story of Adrianne, a suicidal woman battling opioid addiction, depression, and anxiety. Adrianne turns to underground healers who make use of illegal psychedelics like magic mushrooms and iboga.

The film was directed by Tyler Chandler and produced by Nicholas Meyers, both of Vancouver.

On its website, Dosed Wellness identifies Chandler and Meyers as consultants in the new firm.

Dosed Wellness notes that the World Health Organization estimates that more than 264 million people suffer from depression, and about a third do not respond to antidepressants.

“We want to change this statistic through the use of safe, non-addictive, scientifically researched medicines,” according to the company.

In the media release, Chandler said that the legalization of psychedelics like psilocybin, the psychoactive substance in magic mushrooms, is “inevitable”.

“We’re thrilled to align with Empower Clinics, which has the strategic vision, existing client base and clinic network to continue to lead the plant-based medicine industry,” Chandler said.

Meyers said in the media release that his team is “well connected in the psychedelics space”.

“We’re also excited that Empower Clinics is acquiring an interest in DOSED, as their promotion of the film will help educate millions of people about the opportunities inherent in psychedelic medicine,” Meyers said.

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