Unique technicality plays out in Dutch Love Cannabis application for new Vancouver store

City of Vancouver denied and then approved company’s development permit


Dutch Love Cannabis applied for a development permit at a location a block away from another cannabis shop—which it also owns. As a result, its application was rejected.


In Vancouver, no cannabis store can do business 300 metres from another weed shop.

Dutch Love Cannabis found itself facing this situation when city hall reviewed its application for a new retail location.

More specifically, the business, formerly known as Hobo, applied for a development permit at 8620 Granville Street.

The location sits a block away from 8425 Granville Street, where another cannabis store operates. Because of this, the city rejected Dutch Love Cannabis’s application.

But that’s not the end of the story.

And what is rather amusing is that Dutch Love Cannabis is also the owner of the 8425 Granville Street retail.

The company merely wanted to move the store to a new location to the south. Its current site has been approved for a mixed residential and commercial development.

Dutch Love faces “unique technicality”

Harrison Stoker described what happened as a “unique technicality”.

Stoker works as vice president of the Donnelly Group, a hospitality organization that owns pubs and barbershops in Vancouver and Toronto.

Moreover, the Donnelly Group serves as the parent company of Lightbox Enterprises. The latter operates Dutch Love Cannabis stores in various locations in Canada.

“We were denied the permit based on our own existing permit,” Stoker related to CannCentral.

The denial happened in November this year.

Lightbox appealed the issue before the city’s board of variance. As a result, the board approved the development permit application.

Stoker explained that the approval is contingent on the company’s cancellation of its current permit for 8425 Granville Street when it is ready to move.

Stoker expects renovations at the planned 8602 Granville Street store to start anytime soon.

The new shop will likely open in the spring of 2021.

Muse application denied

Meanwhile, the City of Vancouver also denied in November 2020 an application filed on behalf of Muse Cannabis Store to open a new location at 999 Denman Street.

The cannabis retailer is a sister company of JAK’s Beer Wine Spirits.

It was not immediately known why the application got denied.

However, Vancouver publicist Cynnamon Schreinert told CannCentral that Muse Cannabis Store subsequently met with the board of variance, which approved its application for 999 Denman Street.

Schreinert added that the new Muse Cannabis Store location will likely open in mid-2021.

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