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Cannabis-Infused Products You Had No Idea Existed

As legalization of Cannabis becomes more widespread across Canada, people are not only enjoying the ‘weed’ in its traditional forms but are also partaking in a host of other ways to enjoy this recreational drug.


Long before cannabis went commercial, DJ Muggs was on the frontlines preaching the green gospel

Having spent most of his life in the often unscrupulous industry known as the music business, DJ Muggs is quick to note he has a finely tuned bullshit detector.


Can you cross the Canada-U.S. border with CBD? Maybe, but don’t risk it

Since legalizing cannabis last year, the Canadian government has repeatedly issued stern warnings against carrying the drug over the border.


International Cannabis Business Conference will bring California’s top pot regulator to Vancouver

For many British Columbians, ICBC is the public auto insurer. But in the world of weed, those four letters are an.


Over 2,000 cannabis plants seized during RCMP raid at grow-op in Mission, B.C.

While Burnaby RCMP were shutting down an illegal cannabis dispensary, police seized thousands of cannabis plants at a grow-op elsewhere in the Lower Mainland.


Burnaby RCMP shut down alleged illegal cannabis dispensary with “shockingly large quantities” of products

RCMP announced that they have shut down an alleged illegal cannabis dispensary in Burnaby.