Turns out Canadians are turned on by legal weed

Canada ranks fourth in terms of global interest in weed porn

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Sex and weed are like the Bonnie and Clyde of psychophysical experiences: taboo, trendy, and iconic in their synergy. As the green rush continues to sweep the country, pot has permeated into sexual education classes, lubricants, natural supplements, comedy, and mood-setting music, all boasting the plant’s inhibition- and panty-dropping properties. And now there’s even weed porn.

While it has never been a secret that bud and banging complement, enhance, and often enable one another, the duo has never been quite as iconized as on October 17. On the day Canada federally legalized adult-use cannabis, Canucks flooded to PornHub in search of weed-themed wank videos. According to data released by the popular x-rated site, there was a 206 percent surge in cannabis-related searches on legalization day.

What exactly is weed porn? Well, according to PornHub, it’s anything using words like: “smoking weed”, “weed sex”, “horny weed”, “girls smoking weed”, “ganja girls”, and “smoking weed blowjob”, including a handful of “420” searches. Basically, weed porn is anyone having sex or participating in a sexual act while there is some sort of consumption happening before, during, or after the dirty deed.

The Maritimes lead the pack in terms of sheer search numbers, with Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia ranking top three for most popular regions punching in pot-related terms. The data also shows that Canadians between the ages of 18 to 34 are the largest demographic of viewers, registering 68 percent more likely to consume cannabis-related adult content to those over 35.

Canada ranks fourth in terms of global interest in weed porn, making them 224 percent more likely to use cannabis-related terminology, only surpassed by Kenya, Switzerland, and South Africa.

If weed porn doesn’t do it for you, cannabis-infused lubricants are known to stimulate pleasure receptors while manage sex-related pain, and new research shows simply smoking bud can help break down barriers between you and the Big O. There’s even a strain said to be the Aphrodite of weed, aptly called Love Potion, which consumers say lowers inhibition and sets a touchy tone to the stone.

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