Cannabis company in Canada partners with Spanish tomato grower

Vancouver-based Emerald Health Therapeutics will help Cualin Quality subsidiary Medical Plants to grow cannabis.

Cualin Quality grows tomatoes in the south of Spain.


A Canadian company has partnered with a Spanish tomato producer to grow cannabis under the Andalusian sun.

Vancouver-based Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. announced the venture with Medical Plants. The latter serves as a subsidiary of Cualin Quality, which operates greenhouse farms in Almeria, Spain.

Specifically, Emerald will provide cannabis seeds, seedlings, greenhouse construction expertise, and growing expertise to the Spanish grower.

Cualin farms an area of 39 hectares in the south of Spain, one of the regions in Europe that get the most hours of sunshine in the year.

Also, its greenhouse-grown vine tomato varieties sell in markets in the European Union (EU).

“Medical Plants comes from an excellent pedigree,” Emerald president and CEO Riaz Bandali said in a media release Wednesday (March 17).

In addition to its “sophisticated plant-growing history”, the Spanish company also posesses an “ideal location for cost-efficient growing”.

With these, the Spanish company could emerge as a “premiere producer of medical cannabis dried flower”, Bandali said.

Moreover, the Canadian company will over time provide Medical Plants with technology and expertise to produce so-called Cannabis 2.0 products.

To clarify, Cannabis 2.0 products include edibles, beverages, oils, topicals, and the like.

Moreover, the partnership aims to serve what the media release described as an “emerging legal medical cannabis markets in the EU”.

Cannabis in Europe

Speaking about the EU, Bandali also noted that Emerald’s first international distribution partnership has made its maiden delivery in Sweden.

To recall, Emerald has a partnership with Stenocare, a cannabis company in Denmark.

On December 29, 2020, the Canadian company announced that the Danish firm completed its first shipment of Emerald medical cannabis oil in Sweden.

Emerald and Stenocare earlier secured approval in September last year from the Swedish Medicines Agency to provide patients with cannabis oil.

Pablo Sancho works as CEO of Medical Plants.

In the media release, Sancho said that the company aims to be “fully operational” in 2021.

Specifically, a 1,200-square-metre greenhouse will start the operation, with the objective having a harvest by the end of this year.

“We believe in the medical potential of cannabis that is achieving growing recognition by scientists,” Sancho said in the release.

Sancho noted that clients of Medical Plants’ mother company Cualin “demand high quality and uniformity of products”.

“We expect to deliver the same quality and competitive cost with this new crop,” Sancho said about the cannabis venture.

Emerald trades in the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EMH.

As of this post, EMH shares were trading at $0.31 each.

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