Things That Will Phase Your Marijuana High

Many people have their own type of weed that they have a preference for. There are the ones who like

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Many people have their own type of weed that they have a preference for. There are the ones who like their high to be a little more laid back, others who like a little flare, ones who like the feeling of a body high, and yet others who want to feel it up in their head. Many of these things can be controlled, whereas some things like body type and tolerance cannot be so easy.

Learning about the ways that your high can be affected will educate the user and help them adjust accordingly to have a better experience in the end. From choosing the right strain to even the right setting to smoke in, all make an impact.

Choosing The Right Settings

Lots of people don’t understand how important it is to choose the right setting to smoke in. Even picking the right strain of cannabis you smoke for the setting can make a world of difference in what you feel. One must take into account how they are feeling before they start smoking initially. If one is feeling very anxious and nervous that day, then it is probably a good bet that they shouldn’t smoke weed before walking into a busy mall and having random strangers coming up to you and asking, “How high are you?”. On the other hand, if one is feeling anxious and smokes in a quiet and serene natural setting, this can completely change the experience. Others prefer to smoke right before going to sleep for a more relaxed feeling. Simply being conscious of your surroundings and feelings when you smoke can go a long way in enjoying the experience that much more.

What Way Will You Get High?

There are many different ways to get high and all feel a little different. Eating a cannabis-infused brownie is going to affect one differently than inhaling out of a large glass bong, and that’s going to be different than a one-hitter. Dosing the cannabis between delivery methods is also quite different between each other. In addition, how long your high will last is vastly different too.

What Method Does One Feel The Most High?

Because dosing is different between the delivery methods, so is the user’s high. Some people even prefer to add some dabbing oil for a much more strengthened high in a joint. It is a good thing to keep in mind that just because you think you can out smoke everyone in the room out of a bong, it still doesn’t mean you can ingest 2 cannabis-infused brownies and still feel like a king.

Dosing Your High

It is especially important to keep in mind the different dosing between delivery methods when preparing to get high. You will not be using the same amount of weed in a brownie that you would in your vape. If you use too little, you will be disappointed that you even bothered and if you use too much, you will be disappointed just the same and wondered why you even bothered as well. “How high are you” is again, the first thing your friend would say if they saw you at that point. It takes a little experimenting in realizing how much you can take in what method you use it in and it will increase the quality of your high tenfold.

Cannabinoid Profiling

Each strain has its own cannabinoid profile and this is by far, one of the most convenient ways to determine how each high will phase you. Most people will prefer the feel of the most popular cannabinoid. Some will actually dislike it because they may have had bad trips or experience anxiety.

Experimenting and finding out how each cannabinoid affects you is the best way to figure out what type of high you want for what situation you are in. Doing this will enable you to quickly choose a certain type of weed without stepping into the unknown. The CBD: THC ratio plays a part as well. THC can increase CBD so it is important to keep in mind that the ratio between the two is a little different.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the thing that provides the many different strains of weed their flavour and smell. Some research even indicates that terpenes can even play a role in the high. Limonene is said to ease the effects of stress and the linalool can actually increase your mood. This is similar to people wanting to use lavender oil for the bedtime sleepy and relaxing effects that it provides. Further research is still required on these factors to provide a more accurate answer if they actually do.

Age May Play A Factor In Your High

Just like drinking, you will hear many people say that they can’t smoke or drink as much as they could when they were younger. A study over ten years ago that was conducted on rats found that younger rats were more likely to tolerate cannabis much better than older ones. The older ones had many more symptoms of anxiety, stress, and they didn’t scatter around as much. Like many other things, there needs to be more studies conducted to further prove this, but it is probably safe not to pack as much weed into your bowl as when you were 20.

Tolerance Levels To Cannabis

Everyone is different when it comes to tolerance levels and weed. If you just started smoking weed last week, it’s safe to assume your friend who has been smoking daily for 5 years has a higher tolerance level to it. Body type plays a role as well, especially in edibles. If one is 300lbs eating an edible, they will most likely feel it less than someone that is 120lbs. Finding your tolerance level takes some experimenting and in the end, it will give you more power in finding out what works for you and will benefit you and your high.

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