The World’s Most Expensive Cannabis Glass Pieces

How much money do you need to buy the most expensive bong?

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How Expensive Can Glass Pieces Get?

How much money do you need to buy the most expensive bong? Cannabis merchandise and paraphernalia has a very fascinating history throughout cannabis culture in the United States. According to the Controlled Substances Act, the manufacturing and distribution of cannabis is illegal, and in many states, the possession of the paraphernalia to consume it is illegal as well. Paraphernalia remains illegal even in jurisdictions where cannabis has been legalized. Throughout Oregon, for example, the selling, distribution, delivery, and possession of cannabis are known as civil penalties that can result in a fine of up to $10,000. No matter what laws are out there, paraphernalia will keep on persisting because glass pieces are so heavily rooted in cannabis culture.

Glass pieces are so heavily encapsulated and associated with cannabis that in 2003, the federal government pursued cannabis paraphernalia suppliers on a secret mission identified as “Operation Pipe Dreams.” This operation resulted in the search and raid on 55 people’s residences and Tommy Chong’s incarceration. Although Chong’s glass company was completely destroyed by that venture, it did nothing whatsoever to curtail the prevalence of glass paraphernalia or deter cannabis users from consuming their marijuana. Many cannabis consumers today don’t even know that having glass paraphernalia is illegal. The pieces can be purchased all over the place including tobacco smoke shops, novelty stores, online, and even some gas stations.

A lot of glass pieces are works of art and very pleasing to the eye. Many glassblowers have invested a high degree of creativity into their work and correspondingly, also demand a very high fee for their craftsmanship. If you are wealthy and love cannabis, buying one of these rare works of art is something to put on display. The following glass pieces are known to be some of the most expensive ones that are currently on the market today.

Most Expensive Glass Pieces

Hitman Glass’ Dabuccino Hammerhead – $1,600

Hitman Glass and Evol Glass both got together and developed these artistic pieces and these bongs might also attract people that are into Starbucks. Starbucks was given $410, 580 back in 2016 for damages in a lawsuit that went against Evol Glass and the designer of Hitman Glass, James Landgraf, for using the company’s logo on the rig.

Carsten Carlile’s Starry Night Skeletal Rib Cage Rig – $1,800

This is known as a somewhat scary glass piece that contains a teal, violet, and turquoise-coloured skeleton on it. Carsten Carlile is the artist behind this piece and using this is kind of a creepy way to smoke cannabis.

Freek Tube – $3,799

The freek tube contains a bunch of unique patterns and different colours that give this pipe a very tribal, elegant type of look.

EF Norris’ Surfer Lego Man with Shark – $3,800

This is a piece of artwork that comes with a great name. It is considered a shout out to every cannabis consumer’s inner child. 

Preston Hanna’s Michael Jackson Thriller Rig – $4,000

This is a bong that has so many different intricate details and features that it’s hard to just focus on one. Was it crafted to be a tribute to “Thriller”? Or the unique Michael Jackson outfit and pose that goes along with it?

Robin Hood Glass’ Triceratops Bubbler – $4,600

This bubbler was crafted after a triceratops’ skeleton, and the time and creativity that went into this piece of art are beyond astounding. Every cannabis consumer who wanted Jurassic Park to be real has got to see this piece.

Dosa-Reticello Dab Rig – $6,000

This piece contains so many vibrant, rainbow coloured lines on it that are equalized by the blue glass covering it which gives it a more up-to-date, modern look.

Hitman Glass’ Sandblasted Sundae Stack Torch Tube – $6,000 

The shape of this piece of glass is very original and beginner cannabis users shouldn’t use this one. It has five individual chambers and one specific chamber even has its own torch. 

Killadelph’s Custom Triple Coil Beaker + Collin’s Pyramid Perc and Matching Showerhead Ash Catcher – $6,800

This intricate glass piece has a type of scientific lab appeal behind it and contains black glass that really makes it stick out. Unicorn is its nickname because of its unfathomable design and shape.

Burtoni & Euphoria’s Squid Chopper Hybrid – $7,000

This is a bong that contains artwork of a squid that is fused together with a helicopter. It is definitely something that will spark up a conversation and will entertain anyone who gets the privilege of using it.

ME Glass X Blitzkriega Balloon Giraffe – $7,000

This is an artistic piece that has colours that almost look like the colours on a giraffe. It has shapes that nearly resemble that of an animal balloon that you would get when you are at the carnival as a kid. 

Scott Deppe’s Grateful 4 Mushrooms – $14,251

This is a psychedelic piece that contains such a mesmerizing assortment of colours that you could almost trip out just looking at it. As always, the experience could probably be even further compounded if you have consumed a little cannabis while gazing upon it.

RooR’s Excalibur – $15,000

This is a huge bong that is named after King Arthur’s sword. Standing at over six feet tall, it is a centrepiece that nearly deserves its own room to contain its mythical beauty.

Scott Deppe’s Take me 2 the Mothership – $20,000

There is a wide variety of different colours, aliens, and spaceships included in this glass piece and just looking at it makes you think of the mothership. 

Adam Whobrey + Steve Hops’ Hod Rod Bubbler – $20,000

Car lovers will like this piece for its detail and overall artistic touch.

Pirate Ship Builder – $30,000

Even though the price is insanely high on this piece, so is the amount of detail and complexity in this work of art.

RooR’s Skull Gun – $90,000

$90,000 is a hefty amount to pay and is worth more than what a lot of people pay for a full university degree.

Scott Deppe’s Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong – $100,000

This gold-encrusted skull is also heavily encrusted in creativity and it features golden coloured cannabis leaves that are enveloping a glass skull. Not many people will ever get a chance to witness something like this.

Scott Deppe and Sagan Glass’ Collaboration – $101,000

At a private auction, this glass piece sold for well over $100,000. The actual background information surrounding the collaboration isn’t very well-known, but it stands about ten inches tall and has green, blue, and black coloured “moon” marbles. One of these was even launched up to space in 2015. 

Darby, Banjo, Scott Deppe, + Clinton Roman’s The Throne – $1,000,000

Known to be the world’s most expensive glass piece ever to grace the planet, it contains dark, elaborate colours that have a high amount of detail and design. The amount of talent that went into this piece is simply astonishing, and that’s why it also demands such a mind-boggling price tag.

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