Top 10 reputation-building vape tricks

When cannabis users figured out that they no longer had to smoke their favorite strains, but rather could inhale them from a fancy little vape pen, they went nuts

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When cannabis users figured out that they no longer had to smoke their favourite strains, but rather could inhale them from a fancy little vape pen, they went nuts. Out with the harsh smoke, and in with the smooth vapour of a beautiful vape pen. 

Vaping has also become popular for the immense number of tricks you can do. So we’ve put together a guide that will teach you how to do many of these awesome tricks, each of which is sure to increase your street cred and reputation. Do note, however, that although beginners will succeed right away with some of them, they’ll find that others need a lot of practice. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at first. Keep trying and you’ll get it. 

Trick No. 1: The Ghost (beginner level)

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The Ghost is a trick in which you breathe out a cloud of vapour and breathe it all back in fairly quickly. For beginners, this is definitely the place to start. With a difficulty level so low, anyone with a vape pen can do this trick. To start, take a decent-sized drag from your vape pen. Keep the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds. When you’re ready, try to exhale the vapour all at once. Then suck it back in just as quickly, before it gets too far away from you. The action of sucking the vapour back in creates a cloudlike shape that looks like a ghost. Hence the name. 

Trick No. 2: The French Inhale (intermediate level)

The French Inhale involves releasing vapour through your mouth while inhaling it through your nose, so that it looks like an upside-down waterfall. This trick is one of the most popular in the world, and has been done for decades by cigarette and joint smokers. To try it, follow the steps below. 

First, draw a lot of vapour into your mouth and trap it by moving your tongue back towards your throat. Once you’ve done this, open your mouth and move your bottom lip out and upwards. This allows the vapour to slowly move towards your nose. Do not exhale during this step! Simply let the vapour seep through your lips. To help with this process, move your tongue from the back of your mouth slowly towards the front. This pushes the vapour outwards and makes the trick a little easier to complete. 

Now that you’re slowly pushing the vapour out of your mouth, start inhaling through your nose. Don’t inhale too fast, however, or you won’t be able to keep the trick going for longer than half a second. This trick tends to be quite difficult for beginners and even for some experienced vape pen users, because it requires you to organize your breathing. Good news for musicians and athletes, however!

Trick No. 3: Smoke rings (intermediate level)

Blowing smoke rings has been showcased in movies for years, and is so popular that a lot of people think it’s easy to do. But it’s quite the opposite. The trick actually takes a lot of skill and will power to complete. Check out the following steps if you want to try it yourself. 

First things first: take a decent-sized drag from your vape pen, but don’t pull it all the way into your lungs. Try to keep most of the vapour in your mouth. Then lay your tongue flat against the bottom of your mouth and make an O shape with your lips. This is the easy part. The hard part comes next. You now have to breathe out quickly using only your throat. To do this, pretend you’re going to cough, but very lightly. If you’ve done it, congrats! If not, keep trying!  

Once you’ve got the trick under your belt, you can modify it to your liking. You can change the speed of the rings (the rate of your cough), the size of the rings (the shape of your lips), and even the number of rings (by coughing multiple times). Because smoke rings are very popular, your buddies may not be all that impressed at first. However, when you modify it using the above techniques, you’re sure to boost your street cred exponentially. 

Trick No. 4: The Dragon (beginner level)

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If you’re a beginner, you need to try this trick. Not only will it look awesome, but it’ll help you develop the skills you need for more complex tricks. It results in four exhaled streams of vapour, making you look like a dragon breathing smoke. Start by pulling in a large amount of vapour, but not fully into your lungs. Next, put your tongue in the middle of your mouth, so that there’s a vertical divider between the left and right sides of your mouth. Finally, exhale forcefully through your nose and moderately through your mouth. The difficult part about this trick is exhaling from your nose and mouth at the same time, if you’re bad at that. (Some people are quite good at it.) 

Trick No. 5: The Tornado (intermediate level)

The Tornado is a vape trick in which the user breathes vapour onto a table or a similar surface in such a way that the vapour moves in a circular motion resembling a tornado. This trick looks really cool and really difficult, but in reality, it’s easy when you get the hang of it. The learning curve is somewhat steep, so we’ve set the level of difficulty at intermediate. If you try it and don’t succeed, don’t give up! You’ll succeed eventually!

To do this trick, you’ll need a large, flat horizontal surface clear of any and all objects. You’re also going to need a toilet-paper roll or a similarly shaped object. This object will help you distribute the vapour more easily when you’re practising. Eventually, you won’t need to use it. To start the trick, pull in as much vapour as you possibly can, and then exhale it onto the table so that it’s evenly distributed. To do this, you can use either the toilet-paper roll or your fingers. Next, use your fingers to get the swirl going: put your pinkie and ring finger onto the table and keep them apart from one another. When you’re about halfway done exhaling, start swirling your fingers through the vapour very quickly. You’ll want to move your hand vertically very quickly as well. Make sure you have all of your windows closed, because any interference from wind can spoil the trick.

Trick No. 6: The Bull Ring (intermediate level)

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This trick will make you look like you have a ring in your nose, much like the iron ring hanging from the nostrils of a bull. The trick is somewhat difficult and requires a lot of work from beginners. Mastering this trick is a sure-fire way to impress your buddies and increase your street cred. 

To attempt the Bull Ring, you’ll need to learn to blow smoke rings. To do this, you’ll have to fall back on Trick No. 3 on this list! Follow the instructions there, and then come back here when you’ve mastered the trick. You won’t be able to proceed if you don’t master the rings! (This goes to show that mastering beginner tricks allows you to do more advanced ones. Tricks tend to pile onto one another as additions, so it’s always good to learn as many beginner tricks as you can.) 

Now that you’ve mastered smoke rings, it’s time to proceed to the Bull Ring. First, inhale a large amount of vapour, but not completely. Next, blow a thick smoke ring. While you’re blowing it, lean forward quickly and inhale sharply through your nose. This will break the top of the ring and line up the rest with your nose. Doing this successfully will create the appearance of a bull’s ring on your face. 

Trick No. 7: The Vape Bend (intermediate level)

As with Trick No. 6, you need to master the smoke ring before attempting the Vape Bend. This trick will allow you to blow a smoke ring and control where it goes. It’s a very impressive trick, but still only an intermediate one. Many people who attempt this trick are huge fans of the movie The Last Airbender. (The very fact that people liked that movie is a little hard to believe, because it was torn apart by critics, but people actually liked it!) Doing this trick will make you feel like the Airbender, as you’re essentially controlling air!

To start, inhale a large amount of vapour, but not directly into your lungs. Next, blow a decent-sized smoke ring, but keep your hand cupped in the shape of a C right beside your face. Once you’ve blown the smoke ring, keep your hand near it, but don’t touch it. Move your hand slowly through the air and the ring will follow your hand. Mastery of this trick allows for even more complicated tricks. 

Trick No. 8: The Bane Inhale (expert level)

This trick gets its name from the infamous DC Comics villain Bane and the face mask he wears. It’s an expert-level one and requires the doer to master the French Inhale. (See Trick No. 2 above.) Start the same way as the French Inhale. Pull in a large amount of vapour, but not into your lungs. Keep it within your cheeks, and slowly exhale. While exhaling, initiate the French Inhale.  

As you’re doing the French Inhale, clench your teeth. This will separate the vapour leaving your mouth into several separate streams and create the appearance of Bane’s mask. (For reference, Bane’s mask has vertical lines running up and down the front. On top is a blunt piece of metal, which is replicated during the trick by the initial French Inhale.) 

Trick No. 9: Blowing Triangles (expert level)

Blowing triangles is very similar to blowing rings. Where it differs is the shape. This trick is set to the expert level because, unfortunately, your mouth cannot naturally make a triangular shape. So you’ll need to use your hands for this one. Because of the similarity, you should be able to blow smoke rings with relative ease. 

To start, take a large pull from your vape pen. Don’t completely inhale this into your lungs, however, because that may spoil the trick. Next, as in Trick No. 3 above, blow a decent-sized smoke ring. Once you’ve done that, tap the sides with your hands twice very quickly. This will change the shape into a triangle. Over time you’ll figure out where to hit the ring to make a perfect triangle. We recommend tapping the ring where it is thickest or has the most substance. Some people decide that hitting the bottom, regardless of how thick the bottom is, is the best way to craft the triangle. 

This trick is incredibly hard to do. Timing is absolutely key and differs between people, depending on how they blow smoke rings. If you don’t succeed at first, don’t give up. Trial-and-error is the route you need to take. 

Trick No. 10: The Jellyfish (expert level)

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The Jellyfish is by far the hardest trick to complete on this list. The trick is to blow multiple smoke rings, with one going through another. In order to complete this trick, you’ll need to master both smoke rings and smoke triangles. Triangles are important to learn because in doing so you’re learning how to manipulate the smoke rings after they’ve been created. 

To start, inhale a lot of vapour, enough to blow two rings. To do this, you may need to practise breathing control, in the same way that athletes and musicians work to expand their lung capacity. 

Blow a large smoke ring and try to make it move outwards slowly. Next, blow a much smaller ring, and move it towards the centre of your initial ring using your hands. Do this in the same way that you would create a smoke triangle. If you have enough in your lungs, try to blow a third smoke ring. If you can’t, exhale whatever you have left so that it looks like the skin or tentacles of a jellyfish. 

Final thoughts

The tricks we’ve put on this list are sure to increase your street cred fast. They require practice, commitment, and discipline. Those who succeed tend to master each and every trick on the list, as they rely on one another. These feats are an excellent way to combine fun and the consumption of cannabis. What better way to get high than by doing some fun tricks? Not to mention the fact that the higher you get, the more fun they’ll be!

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