The rising popularity of 510 vapes: Q&A with Bernie Yeung, senior VP of sales and marketing at Aphria Inc.

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Over the years, technology has worked its way into almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way that people meet romantic partners, get directions, order food and even get high. Ever since the rollout of Cannabis 2.0 products in 2019, the plant that we know and love can be consumed in innovative ways with the Cannabis 510 Vape Cartridge. 

It’s clear that many Canadians are partial to Good Supply’s 510 vape lineup, with each vape packing a serious punch of high-potency THC (80 per cent). In fact, June 2020 OCS data shows vapes leading over pre-rolls, with Good Supply dominating the vapes category. The vapes are available in five unique choices: Pineapple Express, Purple Monkey, Tangie Kush, Blue Dream and White Widow.

To find out more about vaping and why it’s become so popular in Canada, we dove deeper into the subject with the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aphria Inc. (Aphria), Bernie Yeung. Ontario-based Aphria is a leading cannabis producer behind award-winning brands like Good Supply.

What led you to the cannabis industry?

I got my start in the health-food industry and fell in love with the trade show and experiential side of things. This ultimately led to my interest in uncovering trends and insights, along with connecting that back to consumer behaviour. 

From there, I transitioned to the alcoholic beverage industry, where I oversaw large-scale brands, created narratives and led national strategy and trade teams. This eventually led me to an industry that I’ve always loved and been passionate about, cannabis. 

I’ve since joined the team at Aphria. My previous work and experience in a regulated industry helped me understand what we would be up against when cannabis was legalized nationwide in 2018. 

Why have vapes become so successful among Canadians?

I would say there are several factors behind the success of vapes. Firstly, the format is convenient, portable and discreet. With the pandemic keeping us indoors for longer, consumers find value in that discretion and flexibility. 

Additionally, there’s the added value of being able to explore unique aromas that you can’t experience through flower, like the fruit-forward formulations in Good Supply vapes. It might come as a surprise to some that this year, vapes have actually surpassed pre-rolls to become the second most popular category in Ontario according to OCS.  With Canadian consumers continuing to try new formats, we are confident that Good Supply vapes will continue to be a consumer favourite this year and beyond.

What do you think differentiates Good Supply vapes from competitors?

I think a key factor is our focus on consumer insights. In fact, Good Supply’s vapes were driven by the insight that aromas matter to consumers. That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from popular strains but dialled up the plant-based aromas to create a unique experience consumers can’t get through smoking flower. 

Last year, Good Supply was one of the first brands to launch the bestselling 1g vape size, offering better value and the convenience of buying and changing cartridges less often. Two consumer favourites include Pineapple Express and Purple Monkey, the first and second best-selling vape in the OCS store, respectively (OCS sales data, January to February 2021).

What makes the aromas of these vapes so good?

Our formulations go through several rounds of development before we settle on the right combinations. With each vape, we aim to balance the aroma profiles of the legacy strains they’re derived from, with unique fruit-forward aromas that provide something truly interesting to consumers. This is coupled with our focus on quality distillate, allowing us to be creative and offer a wide variety of aromas. There’s something for everyone within the Good Supply vape portfolio. 

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