The origins and steps of the Canna Hemp method

Learn about the origins and steps of the this method for achieving superior cannabis concentration with minimal residual solvents

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Cannabis was an illegal substance in the state of Nevada for a very long time. Prior to legalization in 2017, the Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) existed in a space between illegal and legal. The organization was the first cultivator of marijuana to be officially licensed in the state and provided cannabis to people suffering from mental and physical hardship for years. Now that recreational marijuana is legalized in Nevada, many other institutions are joining the now-massive industry.

After losing nearly everything, Chris Rebentisch, CEO of AMA parent company 1933 Industries, decided to put all his efforts into providing only the best products to those struggling with inadequate pain relief, dangerous alternatives and less-than-satisfactory health care. “It’s about providing hope,” said Rebentisch, adding that his urge to provide hope came from his own inner struggle to keep moving forward. With this newfound motivation, Rebentisch and the AMA found the best way to achieve the superior concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

This newly discovered method involved performing hydrocarbon extraction, which leaves almost no residual solvents (considered well below maximums set by the state). The key, according to the CEO, is that slow and steady wins the race. 

The steps to this new method

  1. Begin by hand-sorting each cannabis flower. At this point, you must be very aware of the various characteristics of each flower. The smell, the texture, the colour and all other vital factors should be noted and studied.
  2. Once you’ve hand sorted each cannabis flower and assessed the various characteristics, process them with heat levels that are moderately low. 
  3. Once you’ve heated the flowers, rotate them and agitate them. Test the material and then repeat steps 2 and 3. 

According to Rebentisch, the process is designed to be done the right way. This method is now known as Canna Hemp. 

Rebentisch wanted to provide legal and quality cannabis for people who were suffering. However, he didn’t want to include THC as the legalities surrounding THC were very controversial and debatable at that point in time. In order to do this, Rebentisch created what is now called TerpFX. TerpFX is terpene blends derived from proprietary cannabis to replicate and mimic various cannabis strains. This allows for an appropriate amount of CBD, CBG, and CBN. Since Rebentisch found a way around THC, he could safely and legally move the product over state lines without fear of prosecution.

Due to the ambiguous nature of cannabis’s legality across various states, the president of 1933 Industries set up a team of brand ambassadors. This team has the sole purpose of educating the public on how to safely and easily choose which brand of marijuana products are best.

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