The Most Ideal Type Of Jars To Keep Cannabis Fresh

Keeping your cannabis fresh is very important in being able to fully enjoy the whole experience.

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Keeping your cannabis fresh is very important in being able to fully enjoy the whole experience. No one wants to consume weed that is all crusty and dried up. It makes it harder to smoke and negatively impacts the overall taste of it. In addition, it can have a harsh effect on your throat and might make you cough. How you might ask, does one keep cannabis as fresh as possible? It isn’t too difficult and all starts off with initially recognizing what causes cannabis to go bad. Nature in itself is the main culprit and this consists of air, light, and moisture levels. In a nutshell, to keep cannabis fresh, you just have to keep it completely protected from these three elements.

Find A Proper Glass Jar

Finding a proper glass jar should always be the first thing you do when you get a hold of some good cannabis. Many people go out and purchase glass jars that are specifically made for the purpose of storing weed. Others just store their weed in anything that’s readily available to them. Some might just put it in a sealable bag, old jar, or mason jar. One of the most important things in choosing the right jar is to find one that is completely airtight. This is paramount in keeping the cannabis inside of it as fresh as possible.

Once the air is able to get into the jar, then this element can cause the weed to start drying out. It will begin to start the process of evaporation. Weed has a specific amount of moisture in it, and when it gets exposed to air, the moisture will slowly seep out of it. It is almost like having dry skin on a windy day outside. With weed, it is the same concept. The air will dry it out just like it does to the skin.

Glass succeeds where a lot of other materials tend to struggle because it doesn’t shift or change. It typically won’t change temperature and compounds won’t be able to seep out of it in comparison to other storage methods. While this is not to suggest that no amount of air gets in the jar when it is opened. It still does. But if you’re constantly lifting the seal on your glass jar every few minutes to show your friends your new cannabis, it’s not going to maintain its freshness very well. You should generally only open the jar when you are removing some weed from it or putting some in it. It’s also important to keep in mind that your jar is just the right size. If you have a large amount of weed, then choose a jar that is large enough to hold it, and if you only have a tiny amount, then use a smaller jar.

One big flaw that glass does have, is that it’s not resistant and immune to the light. To counteract this issue, put your glass jar in a dark area such as a closed cupboard or in the basement. Keeping it in a place like a shed isn’t the best idea because you don’t want to risk it being in a location that is susceptible to getting too hot.

Alternatives To Glass

One appealing alternative for storing cannabis is inside a metal container. It’s important to find one that is very well-sealed and completely airtight. If choosing any type of metal jars, titanium is one of the most recommended ones because it won’t change the taste of cannabis, whereas some other metal weed jars will make it taste metallic. Similar to glass, it’s also important to store a metal jar far away from any heat and keep it in a dark location.

Stay Away From Plastic

Storing your weed in a container made of plastic is not the best idea because it is prone to moldability. It can potentially cause chemicals to leak out of it and can change the way the weed tastes. Depending on how long something is stored in Tupperware containers, whatever is in the container can actually start to take on the taste of the Tupperware itself. Some people use a pencil box to store cannabis for a short duration of time, but it’s best not to use this method for the long-term. 

Cannabis Humidor Is Worth A Try

Humidors are typically used for cigars, but they do also work well for weed. As the name suggests, humidors help regulate humidity, which is a very important part of storing cannabis efficiently. Humidity acts kind of like the opposing force of the air. It won’t cause the cannabis to dry out, but if it gets too moist, then this can potentially lead to mould. It’s best to find a happy medium between both elements. 

Mouldy cannabis is a completely different thing to deal with than cannabis that is just dried out. Mouldy weed is not healthy and if you tend to consume it on a regular basis, it can make conditions such as asthma a lot worse than they already are. This could lead to even worse consequences such as certain lung conditions like pneumonia. Even though a humidor doesn’t completely solve the problem of mouldy cannabis, it is recommended to give it a try, even in the short-term. Regulating humidity levels when storing cannabis can help prevent mould from growing in an environment, and the most ideal levels of humidity are over 50 percent, but under 70 percent. 

The majority of cigar humidors regulate humidity levels that are a little higher than what cannabis should be stored at. You should remember this if you do choose to go that route because you will have to program it a little differently before you decide to put your cannabis inside of it.

Don’t Put Cannabis In the Fridge

When most people went to college in their younger years, they stored marijuana in the fridge as a habit, because isn’t that where things go to stay fresh? Several individuals have even placed batteries in the refrigerator or freezer.

This place is not the best spot for storing weed. Storing weed in the freezer can result in the loss of trichomes, and these are the most important part of the plant. The freezer method results in the flowers being frozen, and we all know what happens when things start to freeze – they also start to break. Not only does this breakage minimize the benefits of marijuana, but it can also give it a strange flavour.

In a nutshell, the most ideal location to store cannabis is in a cold, dark place that is protected from any drafty air or humidity from getting to it. Keep it away from any areas that might be exposed to heat, like in a cupboard above your stove or near a microwave. If you manage to adhere to those guidelines, then you should be able to preserve the life of your marijuana for quite some time. 

What Are The Best Containers To Store Cannabis?

If you’re going to purchase weed, it’s vital to understand these factors so you can consume the best version of your drug for as long as possible. Weed is always best to be stored away in a container that is completely airtight in a cold and dry place, with humidity levels ranging from 55% to 62%. Weed should never be frozen in the freezer because this will cause the trichomes to fall right off. Weed should also never be stored in tin cans or sandwich bags. The bags produce a type of static that kind of drags against the trichomes, and with tin cans, too much air an seep into them. Degradation of the weed is something that cannot be completely avoided, but finding the right container to store it in can definitely slow down the process. Here is a list of the top 6 containers on the market for storing weed:

  1. Cannador – $169 – $318
    The Cannador is known to be the most ideal storage container in the current market. Even though it resembles just a simple wooden box, the thick mahogany interior of it gives just the right amount of natural humidity that will prevent swelling from occurring. Airtight glass cups are included with the box and are designed to keep strains separate from each other, while still fitting efficiently in the box. There also another door in the interior of the box where you can store additional things. For an added measure of security, the box comes with two keys as well. The Cannador is simply known as the best box for storing weed.
  2. SneakGuard – $69.95
    The SneakGuard preserves and protects weeds from any risk with its safe, odour proof, protection adding, moisture-reducing, and light-shielding features. The vacuum system for the container is airtight, shutting out oxygen and keeping potency in. The SneakGuard is equipped with humiddicant holders which helps to keep moisture levels at a safe degree. Thanks to its dual airtight seals, odours are trapped into the container and incorporated into the vacuum system. The opaque structure of the container ensures that the weed is out of sight. It also prevents any light from poking its way in and keeps lingering eyes out. One very nice security feature the SneakGuard has is that it is only accessible with a four-digit combination. This in itself makes it the most secure container out there.
  3. The 4 Strain Apothecary Case – $259
    The Apothecary Case was specifically and consciously crafted with the most experienced and discreet cannabis user in mind. The case contains a very unique and rustic design that is made out of high-quality hardwood.l It is sealed with a key lock as well as a code combination, which makes this an extremely safe and secure case that strangers will have an impossible time being able to break their way into it. With the case being divided into two different sections, this helps to reduce odours from resin from making its way out. One of the sides is developed to store concentrates and strains, while the other side is designed to store weed tools. There is also the nice addition of a metal grinder and airtight glass containers. The glass containers are designed to maintain RH levels of 62%. The nice addition of reusable labels is also a welcome addition. If all of that wasn’t already enough, there is also a metal dab stick and silicone dab jars that are food-grade and have the purpose of storing concentrates and waxes. Every single detail was considered when this box was crafted.
  4. Re:stash Jar – $19 – $25
    This jar is BPA free, environmentally friendly, UV-resistant, and virtually odour proof. It was manufactured in America and is considered to be a great upgrade from the typical mason jar. It is made from 30% of farm waste which might sound sick, but it is ideal for the environment. No light can get into the cannabis inside this jar because there is an opaque silicon koozie that comes in a variety of different styles. You can even put this jar in the microwave or dishwasher. It comes with a child-proof lid and it appears to be very discreet. It is secure, affordable, and comes in a number of different sizes ranging from 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz.

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