All you need to know about the bygone era of brick weed

Condensing weed into a brick lowers its quality – as does the jarring it undergoes during illegal transport

The delicate structure of cannabis is easily damaged when the plant is shipped in brick form.


Brick weed is a prominent example of horrible-quality weed sold at horrendous prices. Brick weed was popular back when cannabis was illegal worldwide – back before politicians and medical officials recognized the massive potential of the substance. During this time, most of the then illegal substance was shipped to North America from foreign countries. These foreign sellers would make a massive profit, and those buying from them would receive some nasty and typically unsafe weed. 

What is brick weed?

Brick weed is essentially weed that’s been packed into a brick. If you’ve ever been to an illegal dealer and gotten relatively flat weed, it probably came from a brick. These bricks make it easier for the substance to be smuggled across borders. They typically originate in Mexico and Europe and are notoriously unhealthy. 

Why is brick weed unhealthy?

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The simple fact that weed has been smashed and condensed into a brick lowers its quality – as does the jarring and bouncing the product undergoes during illegal transport. You may be thinking “Weed is a weed! Who cares if it’s squished?” Well, unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. Weed is typically covered in trichomes, which give us the high we enjoy so much. When squashed and bounced around, those trichomes tend to fall off. This reduces the potency of the weed, as well as the overall quality. 

As for its unhealthiness, brick weed is regularly not entirely weed. Sure, there’s weed in there, but typically it’s not even the right part of the plant. Often illegal dealers will pack other parts of the plant, like stems and seeds, in with the flowers, and therefore lower the quality and potency. Sometimes, these dealers will even pack nonweed material into the brick to make it heavier – anything from dirt to heavier plants. This makes it unhealthy.

So should you buy brick weed?

Obviously, the answer to this question is no. Some people think you can buy brick weed for cheap off of the street, but chances are it’ll be more expensive than a legal supplier’s goods. On top of that, the quality will be so bad it won’t even be worth the sale. Furhtermore, you’ll be risking your health, safety, and freedom. Buying brick weed is illegal. Anyone who tells you that buying brick weed is a good way to get weed at a good price doesn’t know the truth of the matter. Don’t listen to them. Chances are they’ve smoked too much brick weed and aren’t thinking straight. (We’re just kidding, but still, don’t do it.) 

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy brick weed is that you have no idea where it came from, what strain it is, and how it was grown. Legal dispensaries give you all of this information – THC and CBD content, the plant’s terpene profile, and so much more. 

How common is brick weed?

Brick weed was super common back in the day when legal dispensaries didn’t exist, but now that dispensaries are all over the place, brick weed practically doesn’t exist. Nobody wants to buy a bad product when they can just walk right into a legal pot shop and choose exactly what they want. 

Final thoughts

Please note that although dozens of countries have legalized cannabis, it is still not legal worldwide. Before consuming cannabis, be sure to read up on your local laws. Better safe than sorry!


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