Which vape-pen battery is right for you?


Now you can watch Dan Savage’s SPLIFF film festival at home

With COVID-19 keeping cinemas closed and potential viewers on lockdown, 2020’s in-theatre shows have been postponed.


Tips for lengthening the lifespan of your cannabis edibles

If you want edibles to last, make sure the food they’re mixed into has a long shelf life


All you need to know about the bygone era of brick weed

Condensing weed into a brick lowers its quality – as does the jarring it undergoes during illegal transport


Coronavirus: Cannabis stores considered an essential service

As provinces go into lockdown mode to curb the spread of COVID-19, cannabis stores are remaining open in several jurisdictions


All you need to know about cannabis flowering stages

A week-by-week breakdown of this cycle prepares you to get out there and grow your own plants


How to personalize your pot with a genetics test

Your genetic makeup might influence how you experience cannabis

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