This International Tea Day, why not brew up some cannabis?


Cannabis, booze, and coping with life during lockdown

While some are trying to drown their pandemic woes, others are turning to cannabis to help them cope


Ohai’s Emily Leung on building a cannabis-accessories brand with style

The Vancouver-based company makes products for the sophisticated, style-conscious, and aesthetically aware


Happy 4/20! Here’s how to celebrate—at home

Thanks to COVID-19, this is a 4/20 like none before it


What is dank weed, and how good is it?

If you’ve ever heard the term, you’ve probably wondered what it means and where on earth it came from


How to roll a cone joint with raw papers: a guide

It takes some determination and practice to progress from rolling smaller joints to sculpting thick, long bat joints


How to identify high-quality weed: a beginner’s guide

The difference between excellent and subpar weed often comes down to four indicators: aroma, appearance, feel, and flower structure

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