The Cannabis Influencers: Maria Taylor and Adrienne Metz of Sourced Oil

Taylor and Metz tout their business, Sourced Oil, as “a truly handcrafted, plant-to-package operation”


Maria Taylor and Adrienne Metz of Sourced Oil down on the farm in Fallbrook, California. Photo by Leia Vita.


In the food and wine industries, transparency has become a major selling point in recent years. Consumers want to know what goes into the things they eat and drink. They also want to know where those ingredients were sourced.

Maria Taylor and Adrienne Metz feel that way, too. When they began exploring the CBD products available commercially, they realized that not every brand feels quite as strongly about transparency.

“We soon discovered a market flooded with white-label products: oil purchased in bulk from a variety of wholesalers, combined with fillers, and marketed in pretty packaging by corporations and opportunists,” Metz says. “In contrast, whereas restaurants and wineries have embraced the the encyclopedic origins of their offerings in recent years—nearly all of the CBD brands on the market appeared disconnected from their source.” 

Metz’s husband, Karl, operates a 200-acre nursery in Fallbrook, California, where he propagates premium hemp clones for Zenlabs. Earlier this year, Metz and Taylor began developing small-batch tinctures from Karl’s hemp-harvest extract. Positive feedback from friends and family inspired the pair to start their own product line under the name Sourced Oil.

Sourced produces a full-spectrum CBD tincture, a CBD face oil, and a CBD balm. Taylor and Metz tout their business as “a truly handcrafted, plant-to-package operation”.

And if Taylor looks familiar, you might know her as half of the dream-pop duo Azure Ray. She’s also a prolific solo artist.

My first experience with cannabis

MARIA: “My first experience was smoking pot with my friends in high school. I am a musician and marijuana would always enhance the way I heard music and would help me expand my thoughts when trying to write my own music.”

ADRIENNE: “Louisiana 1993—seeds, stems, and possibly some oregano as filler.” 

My favourite weed-related memory

MARIA: “I can remember countless nights smoking weed, listening to records on the floor in my room with my friends. We would laugh and cry; we would eat boxes of Little Debbies; then we would laugh some more. Weed would help me get in touch with my emotions and heighten all of my senses.”

ADRIENNE: “Amsterdam 1997, visiting coffee shops and experiencing the normality of it all—People responsibly buying and using cannabis—so unlike my personal shady experience of ‘scoring’ weed. I remember being in awe that there were different types (not just the baggies of brown stems and seeds) and that based on the strain the outcome was more predictable. Unlike Maria, I was warned that I wouldn’t be able to handle most of what was offered so I steered clear of the ‘space brownies’ and the likes.” 

Why I do what I do

MARIA: “One day (on tour) I was in Amsterdam and I ate a space brownie. Rewind. I ate not even half of a space brownie. I got the shakes and wasn’t even sure what my sister’s name was. (She was with me, holding me to help with the shakes.) I had her call everyone in the band and ask them to write down their thoughts and slide them under the door of our hotel room. I needed to know if their thoughts were as freaked out as mine were.

“It took hours to come down from that experience and from then on I didn’t have positive experiences with THC. I would get panic attacks and think my heart was stopping or beating too fast, or that I couldn’t breathe. So soon after the Amsterdam experience, so that ended my relationship with weed UNTIL I learned about CBD. Without all of the psychoactive effects of THC, I was finally able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis or hemp—especially full-spectrum CBD—and I’m just as excited to share with everyone who will listen.” 

ADRIENNE: “Our own exploration of the many CBD offerings on the market inspired us to begin developing tinctures and other products, handcrafted from hemp plants grown on my husband Karl’s farm. After all the positive and encouraging feedback we received from the small circle of friends who ‘tested’ them also, we were inspired to launch a product line of our own—Sourced. Can’t think of anything better than helping people sleep better, or manage their anxiety and pain. When you have a product this good you want other people to have access to it.”  

One thing I would change about the cannabis industry

MARIA:  “I want to get rid of the stigma that goes along with cannabis. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your chemistry. We believe that CBD can be great for managing pain and anxiety—but only when you truly know what it is you’re getting. Also, legalizing marijuana will make it possible for people like me to find specific strains—to prevent panic attacks rather than give one.”

ADRIENNE: “Although I consider myself a novice, I’ve been fortunate to know or collaborate with other incredibly talented experts on cannabis and hemp cultivation, processing, and extraction. I know we all look forward to the day when the lesser quality products are weeded out of the marketplace, and consumers can have confidence in a variety of  clean, proven CBD products to choose from.” 

Something everyone should know about cannabis

MARIA: “Since starting Sourced, I have learned so much about cannabis and all of its healing properties. As technology and the industry has progressed, people need to understand there are opportunities to source clean, reliable products that are not what was illegally available 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. For me, I use CBD topically for pain and for skin rejuvenation and it has been the main source of relief from the stresses of 2020. I love that we are able to share what we’ve learned and made with friends everywhere.”

ADRIENNE: “I think people should let go of their assumptions about cannabis if it’s based on old, unpleasant experiences. So much has changed and continues to change. Approaching this new world of cannabis with a fresh and open mind could potentially be very helpful for some. Especially with CBD products which are newer but more widespread. It is important to research exactly what you are buying—what’s in it, where it is from, and who’s willing to stand behind it.” 

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