The Cannabis Influencers: Jim Belushi of Belushi’s Farm

“My purpose is a mission from God to help everyone heal”


Jim Belushi tends to the crops at his cannabis farm in Oregon.


From his stint on Saturday Night Live to his leading role in the sitcom According to Jim, Jim Belushi has spent much of his life making people laugh.

His most recent venture, however, is something he takes very seriously. The 66-year-old actor is the eponymous operator of Belushi’s Farm, a 93-acre cannabis farm along the Rogue River in Oregon. On its website, he describes Belushi’s Farm as “a gateway to healing”.

“Every time I cultivate the land, I get pulled more and more into the medicine and the joy of this work,” Belushi writes. “We sun-grow all natural and rigorously tested cannabis. Everyone on this farm has a beautiful way about them because of their intimate work with this plant. It has changed me as a man.” 

Belushi is a true believer in the power of cannabis as medicine. Growing it, he says, has opened his heart, giving him more compassion and empathy for the struggles of others. “Whether it’s an opiate addict, a veteran with PTSD, a grandmother who is suffering from cancer, nine to fivers who suffer from headaches, sleepless nights, anxiety or pain, or a mother and a father who traumatically suffer through their child’s seizures, one after another.”

“This place is a guardian for the wellness of the plant,” Belushi writes. “A wellness that enhances creativity, the taste of food, the richness of music, and the touch of your lover’s skin. It brings joy, euphoria, releases endorphins, laughter, and brings peace to relationships.”

Belushi and his cannabis-growing operation are the subject of the 2020 Discovery reality-TV series Growing Belushi. Watch the first episode below:

The power of cannabis

“After my brother John died of a drug overdose, I spent decades working through that trauma. Cannabis is the only thing that brings peace and healing. I’m trying to get people off of opioids.”

Honouring weed legends

“One of my product strains is called ‘Captain Jack’, in honour of the SNL weed dealer in the 1970s. He was known as ‘the smell of SNL’.”

Why I do what I do

“I fell into cannabis by accident. I have a farm in Oregon and once it became legal I said, ‘What the hell?’ This is the ‘new’ agriculture, so I started from scratch. I’ve been doing this for five years and my original purpose was just to have something to do. Now I’m on a path of purpose, passion, insight, joy, healing, and community. It’s been a beautiful journey. Bring joy and laughter to all.”

One thing I would change about the cannabis industry

“People need more authentic knowledge from seed to patient. Marketing needs an emotional connection. We need trust, emotional connection, and authentic storytelling. Something visual that people can connect with and a quality product. It should have been legalized in the 1970s and more people would be alive.

“Oh…and finding a way to kill all the bugs that eat the marijuana plants I’m trying to grow organically without pesticides.”

Something everyone should know about cannabis

“Cannabis is a solution for healing from all the trauma of life. My purpose is a mission from God to help everyone heal.”

On October 22, Belushi participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Arcview Group. Watch it below:

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