The Cannabis Influencers: Christina Michael of Marigolds Cannabis

“I am an entrepreneur through and through”


Christina Michael is the founder and CEO of Marigolds Cannabis, which opened its first retail location in Vancouver's Gastown in early October.


Christina Michael is the founder and CEO of Marigolds Cannabis. At the start of October, Marigolds opened its flagship retail location in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood.

After a good friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Michael vowed to learn as much as she could about cannabis. Moreover, she became a vocal advocate for the personal right to integrate cannabis into daily life in a resposnsible way.

“Marigolds Cannabis is offering consumers a best-in-class retail experience, no matter what their relationship with cannabis,” Michael said in a press release. “It is so important to me to integrate my personal values of inclusion, collaboration, education and community into the cannabis retail landscape.

“We have brought together a team of seasoned retail and customer service professionals who know that, whether you’re selling cannabis, clothing, or coffee, you need to understand your customer and meet them where they are.”

Michael also plans to open a second Marigolds retail location, in Vancouver’s West End, in early 2021.

My first experience with cannabis

“It was a long time ago and honestly, I don’t remember it specifically, but I remember cannabis never being something that was taboo in my life. It was a natural experience for me to try and I really enjoyed it. Back then there was a lot more hash available and that was I really what I consumed most.”

My favourite weed-related memory

“Actually, it was with my best friend Michelle during her cancer treatments. We started consuming together and she always felt better, and it also gave us times of lots of laughter. Which is what she/we both needed.

“One time was on a rainy night around this time of year and she had some bad news, and to distract her we started watching videos without sound and made our own dialogue. Comic relief, and she was super fun. She also slept that night, which was rare.”

Why I do what I do

“I am an entrepreneur through and through, and I made a promise to Michelle to somehow work in cannabis and help people. The stars aligned a few years ago and keep aligning. I swear she is my spirit guide.”

One thing I would change about the cannabis industry

“Where do I start? The industry itself is full of incredible professionals like every other industry. As a retailer I would change the window film for safety for my staff and patrons. We are retailers, we are not selling illegal products. We are respectful business owners with age-gated entry.

“The opaque film can be removed, but it is still up to the inspector to determine the level of transparency and placement of window coverings or treatments to ensure youth is unable to view any cannabis, package, or labels. I have connected with my inspector and have recently submitted photos of beauty packaging that does not look like a labeled regulated product and does not contain cannabis. It is for display only.

“I’d like to work with the Government on all levels to discuss a solution that is consistent across all jurisdictions for all licensed retailers.

“And the City of Vancouver business-license fee is outrageous. It is the cost of a salary for goodness’ sakes.”

Something everyone should know about cannabis

“The cannabis plant and the industry are full of opportunities to learn and knowledge is power. As an adult, parent, professional, business owner,  partner, friend and patient I continue to learn about what the plant offers, and witness the industry’s and community’s dedication, passion, and commitment to sharing knowledge and the plant in the first federally legalized medical and recreational cannabis country.”

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