The Cannabis Influencers: Alan Lyons of Ruhe Juice

“I love the idea of providing a cannabis alternative to those not into smoking or vaping”


Alan Lyons started his cannabis beverage brand, Ruhe Juice, after 20 years in the IT business.


Sometimes you meet just the right person at just the right time. In August of 2019, Alan Lyons was at a crossroads. After 20 years in the IT field, he knew he needed a change. His career had given him financial freedom, but he knew it wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

That’s when Lyons met Virginia Vidal. Vidal would become his girlfriend, but she also showed Lyons the way forward. Vidal has her own company, Mary’s Brew, which makes cannabis-infused teas.

“She told me her amazing story of how she got started and what she went through to get there and after hearing it, I realized that I needed to make my own dream instead of helping out someone else’s,” Lyons tells CannCentral. “So right after cannabis edibles were made legal I started out to make my own brand to enter the market.”

That brand is Ruhe Juice. Its first product is a 355-mL canned beverage blending the flavours of passion fruit and mango with 10 mg of THC and 3 mg of CBD. Lyons says the drink is designed to fill the consumer with a sense of “quiet calm”—which is what the German word ruhe means.

“At present, we have already completed the Health Canada 60-day waiting period and are looking to launch in Ontario this year,” Lyons says. “Today, Virginia still remains my mentor and I couldn’t have got this far without her.”

My first experience with cannabis

“Like so many others, my cannabis journey began back in high school. Smoking up with some of the guys in the park on a warm, summer night.”

My favourite weed-related memory

“Lying in a beach lounger smoking a joint while on a beach in Cancún. The sunset and waves painted the most beautiful horizon.”

Why I do what I do

“I love the idea of providing a cannabis alternative to those not into smoking or vaping. Employing a healthy mindset myself, I enjoy being able to offer a low-sugar, natural juice product to those that may not be into carbonated beverages.”

One thing I would change about the cannabis industry

“Unfortunately, the cannabis industry is on the over-regulated side which stands as a barrier to entrepreneurship. I would relax the industry licensing a lot more and perhaps have more programs focused on transitioning the grey market into the legal one.”

Something everyone should know about cannabis

“New cannabis users sometimes forget that there are two two major types of cannabis plants, and they have a different range of effects, both on the body and the mind. Indica strains are known for their mellow high and deep body relaxation and can help with your insomnia. Sativa strains, on the other hand, provide a more energetic and creative high without the tired feeling.”

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  • Robert Mandel November 12, 2020 05:37 PM

    Cannabis Influencers. I chuckle whenever I see that term. I would suggest the real influencers, the pioneers that made possible for what cannabis is today, are your influencers. I opened one of the first headshops in Canada on Baldwin more than 50 years ago and created a company that sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in paraphernalia from coast to coast in the 70s. And dabbled in growing and distribution. Bitches Brew? El Primo? Before the Prince of Pot in the 90s, there were a handful of real influencers all the way back in the late 60s into the early 80s… I know, I was one of them.

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