The Best Ways to Store Weed

Effective ways to store cannabis. Storing cannabis suggestions. How To Properly Store Cannabis For those who like to indulge, cannabis


Effective ways to store cannabis. Storing cannabis suggestions.

How To Properly Store Cannabis

For those who like to indulge, cannabis plays a major part in our lives nowadays. For the artistic types, it can help get their creative juices flowing. If cannabis has been cultivated, harvested, and dried correctly, it can be stored for as long as 18 months without getting stale. In this article, we will explore the best ways to store weed.

With cannabis being organic, it has a sensitivity to the exposure of temperature, humidity, light and moisture. Over time, these factors will affect cannabis. Proper storage of cannabis will ensure that it has a long and healthy shelf life. Cultivators take great care to package your cannabis with the right amount of moisture and sealed in a light-proof container to keep out oxygen. Marijuana purchased from a dispensary is packaged in perfect condition. If you consume cannabis, you must ensure that you learn the best ways to store your week and maintain those optimal conditions.

Cannabis can degrade due to numerous factors. The major factor being light. Harmful UV rays can damage many organic and synthetic materials. In the same way, your lawn becomes brown at the end of a long, dry sunny summer, or the colour of a car gets dull and lacklustre, UV rays will destroy the valuable compounds in your cannabis plant. In the event that this should happen, trichomes turn an amber colour. To avoid this, store your cannabis in opaque containers away from direct sun.

The oxygen level of your cannabis is an important factor. Too much oxygen will contribute to the degradation process. While a minimal amount will change the moisture level which will cause mould or mildew. To avoid this happening altogether, the best way to store weed is to vacuum seal it. This will keep your bud in the top, optimal shape for months, even years.

Between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature where mildew and other moulds can live. Storing your cannabis in a cool, dry place is recommended. With the heat and exposure to oxygen, it will cause the terpenes to dry out and your weed will lose its aroma and flavour. If cannabis is over-dried, it will have a different smell and flavour. The smoke will be intensely harsher and could potentially be less potent. And while lower temperatures are less problematic, they too can cause an undesirable change to your weed. Under cooler conditions, the trichomes can become brittle and break off.

Moulds thrive in a moist environment. In order to prevent it, ensure that you keep your cannabis dry. However, it should be noted that quality buds cannot get over-dried without the terpenes and cannabinoids becoming degraded. Hence, it is essential to maintain appropriate moisture levels for long-term storage, ideally between 59% and 63% RH (relative humidity). The best way to store cannabis is to keep it in controlled packets like that found in Boveda products.

The Do’s and Don’ts of keeping your weed fresh:


  • Keep your weed in an opaque container. Clear ones are popular but they will let light in.
  • To keep your weed fresh for as long as possible, store it in a cool dark place with a steady temperature.
  • Always keep your bud in an air-tight container. By leaving your container open it will expose your weed to air that will accelerate the drying process.
  • Use a cigar humidor to keep your herb stored in an ideal humid temperature.
  • Glass jars are a preferred storage method for many cannapreneures because it is simple, inexpensive, and gets the job done.
  • Air-tight metal is another effective way of storing pot.


  • Do NOT leave your weed outside, in your car, or by a window. None of these is a suitable place for your cannabis.
  • Do NOT touch weed too much with your hands. It will remove the sticky trichomes which tend to stick to your hand instead of staying on the plant.
  • Do NOT keep your weed in the freezer or refrigerator. It will cause the fragile trichomes to become brittle and break off.

Those are some of the best methods to store weed. By taking these basic precautions it will prevent terpenes and cannabinoids from degrading and changing their molecular structure. Under these proper storage conditions, you will have at least a year before you have to worry about any degradation.

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