The Best Rolling Trays on the Market in 2019

Enjoy Smoking a Joint? Try Using a Cannabis Rolling Tray Every cannabis consumer that enjoys their weed by smoking a

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Enjoy Smoking a Joint? Try Using a Cannabis Rolling Tray

Every cannabis consumer that enjoys their weed by smoking a joint will tell you that one of the most challenging things about it is finding a suitable rolling surface.

Using a grinder can get a little bit messy sometimes with bud or accessories falling all over the place. Using a rolling tray will not stop things falling but it will catch them and keep everything neat and tidy.

Using a rolling tray that is big enough to hold all your tools and accessories will certainly keep your weed smoking more organized. It will also make things a lot easier to clear up afterwards. Plus, it just makes for a more classy sesh.

There are many weed rolling trays available for joint smokers to try, but not all trays are created equal. To make sure your next joint smoking sesh is prepared on the tray it deserves, we’ve reviewed the three best rolling trays on the market.

RAW Wood Backflip Magnetic Rolling Tray

This rolling tray comes courtesy of the good folks at RAW and it has proved to be one of the best on the market.

It offers you a great combination of style and functionality. The two-piece tray is made from bamboo and has strong magnets to securely connect the pair. Smaller magnets allow you to close it so that it can be transported without the worry of it opening. These magnets also let it be used as a stash box.

This rolling tray has a heavy and durable feel to it. The attention to detail that RAW has put into the design is synonymous with its brand as are the materials used.

We were not expecting the magnets to be as strong as they are and we have no concerns about this box coming apart. The mini scoop is a nice touch to top off a great tray.

  • Dimensions : Closed (8.75″ x 4.75″), Open (8.75″ x 9.5″)
  • Price: $ 29.99

Cookies V3 Rolling Tray

This may not be your idea of a classic rolling tray, but it will provide you with everything you need and a little bit more. It comes in three colours: red, black and blue.

For all your joint smoking essentials, the Cookies V3 has a selection of cut-outs including holders for your joint and lighter, rolling papers, pre-rolled cones and tray cover.

  • Price: $ 30.00

RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Magnetic Tray – Foldable

There is only one thing that’s better than having two rolling trays and that’s having three! And that is three with all the right things in all the right places. The RAW Triple flip rolling tray utilizes extra strong magnets to keep it fixed in place and secure when packed up. This beautiful bamboo tray provides a great surface on which to roll your joint on and there is plenty of space to keep all of your stuff well organized.

This tray has space for pretty much everything you need to enjoy your cannabis experience. You’ll have a holder for your grinders and plenty of space to roll all your stash. The rolling tray is a fantastic design, incorporating a rolling crutch and scoop which are all secured in place with magnets.

  • Dimensions: 10″ x 16″ unfolded
  • Price: $ 73.68

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