Terpene-preserving packaging developed to retain cannabis aroma

Vireo Health International Inc. signs licensing agreement with eBottles420

Terpenes create the distinctive smell of many plants, including cannabis. Getty Images.


There are ways to tell good weed from bad.

One is aroma.

As CannCentral’s Encycloweedia explains, a pleasant smell is an indication that the stuff is good.

As in many plants, weed’s distinctive bouquet is produced by compounds called terpenes.

Think of the scent of pine or lavender. Terpenes produce their unique fragrance.

According to a cannabis company headquartered in Vancouver, a lot of terpenes are lost before the product gets to consumers.

This is the reason why Vireo Health International Inc. has come up with a new packaging product designed to preserve terpenes.

Vireo announced Thursday (July 9) that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with eBottles420 to manufacture and distribute its packaging system.

As its name implies, the Jupiter, Florida-based eBottles420 specializes in cannabis packaging.

“The proprietary packaging system preserves cannabis flower by inhibiting the gradual loss of terpenes and other desirable compounds that naturally occur after harvest,” Vireo stated in a media release.

According to the release, tests show that bud stored in traditional packaging “lost nearly half of its native terpenes over a four-week period”.

“When the same flower was stored in Vireo’s new packaging system, the terpene content increased over the same four-week time period,” the media release stated.

Kyle Kingsley, a medical doctor, is the founder and CEO of Vireo.

“Terpenes are key compounds in cannabis that provide not only the flavor and aromatic profile, but more importantly are believed to have substantial pharmacological benefits,” Kingsley stated in the media release.

According to Kingsley, the new packaging system will help enhance customer experience.

“Simply put, it will keep flower fresher longer,” Kingsley said.

The release also noted that the new packaging system has potential applications in other industries.

These include health and beauty produces, as well as food and beverages.

Robert Lerman, CEO and founder of eBottles420, described his company as the largest supplier of cannabis packaging in North America.

Lerman said that “significant demand” is expected for the new packaging product.

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