Study presents potential of psychedelic brew ayahuasca on palliative and hospice care

Authors suggest ayahuasca may promote a change of perspective on life and death


Commentary warns against peril of setting off new prohibition on psychedelics

Authors urge scientific rigour as way to keep the psychedelics renaissance from going off the rails.


Trudeau Liberals reject call by thousands of Canadians to decriminalize psychedelics

Close to 15,000 petitioners asked the government to recognize “sacramental and medicinal plants”


Success of psychedelic ballot measures in U.S. brings hope for drug reform in Canada

Voters in Oregon and the District of Columbia supported initiatives around psychedelic substances

Havn Life Sciences Ivan Casselman Casselman

Havn Life Sciences chief psychedelic officer marries love of plants with desire to help

Dr. Ivan Casselman says he has been setting himself up to work in the psychedelic industry for quite some time.


Enhancer boosts psilocin potential in psychedelic therapy to treat PTSD

Canadian company NeuroPharm Inc. files application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in connection with a psychedelic therapy.


Remembering that time Father John Misty told me about his psychedelic experiences

Father John Misty doesn’t make psychedelic music per se. What it may lack in acid-rock trappings, it makes up for with insights the artist attributes to his drug trips


MDMA shows potential in PTSD treatment; more research needed on other psychedelics

Australian researchers review the state of the evidence for using these drugs in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder