New York State officially decriminalizes cannabis

+ a new way to bust stoned drivers and the war on cannabis continues with deadly consequences in California


U.S. Surgeon General issues “national warning” on cannabis

+ vape pen-related illnesses get scarier and Star Wars fans high on C-3PO


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blames mass shootings on marijuana

+ Washington State bans CBD and Arizona study raises concerns about teens using highly potent THC


DEA finally gets real about cannabis research

Plus, Willie Nelson rolls out his own line of CBD-infused treats in your morning buzz


Canada’s cannabis laws: do’s and don’ts

By ERIK TANNER   Know your limit If you are 19 years of age or older (18 in Alberta and Quebec), you can.


Marrakesh Express: searching for Black Hash in the Red City

By ERIK TANNER When you enter a country with no free press it’s probably best not to disclose to border security.


Why you still might get busted no matter how long you wait to drive after using cannabis

Federal lawmakers continue to adhere to outdated and faulty science as it relates to roadside drug testing

tracy curley cannabis activist

In Memoriam: Tracy Curley, Cannabis Activist, 1973-2019

Longtime activist was a fearless and compassionate advocate for medical cannabis patients