magic mushrooms

Vancouver’s Havn Life announces first psilocybin mushroom harvest in Jamaica

Vancouver biotechnology company Havn Life will export yield to UBC-based Delic Labs for quality control and testing.


Retreat with magic truffles leads to positive effects by psilocybin lasting up to a year

Magic mushrooms and truffles contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin.


How corporations can do justice to the Mazatec, stewards of divine mushrooms

Mazatec historian Inti García Flores calls on business to start a dialogue with tribe in the Mexican state of Oaxaca


Trudeau Liberals reject call by thousands of Canadians to decriminalize psychedelics

Close to 15,000 petitioners asked the government to recognize “sacramental and medicinal plants”


Liberty cap: the surprising tale of how Europe’s magic mushroom got its name

It traces a path back through the political revolutions of the early modern period, via the murder of the tyrant Julius Caesar, to a conical cap worn by Rome’s former slaves

Havn Life Sciences Ivan Casselman Casselman

Havn Life Sciences chief psychedelic officer marries love of plants with desire to help

Dr. Ivan Casselman says he has been setting himself up to work in the psychedelic industry for quite some time.


Enhancer boosts psilocin potential in psychedelic therapy to treat PTSD

Canadian company NeuroPharm Inc. files application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in connection with a psychedelic therapy.

Havn Life psychedelics company

Vancouver psychedelics company Havn Life obtains Health Canada exemption

Health Minister Patty Hajdu has given its wholly owned subsidiary the green light to possess pure psilocybin for research purposes.


NDP health critic Don Davies backs psychedelics research

Health Canada allows certain companies to conduct research on drugs