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Canada grants health-care pros psilocybin exemptions; TheraPsil hails “huge milestone”

Meanwhile, TheraPsil plans to launch its training program in 2021. To that end, the group hopes to raise $250,000 by the New Year


What’s in your weed? A Q&A with Devin Sears of Labstat/Labs-Mart

“As the cannabis industry matures, the best practices from the tobacco, food, and pharmaceutical industries will begin to make inroads and become standard practices”


Dr. Pritesh Kumar on the current state of medical cannabinoid research

Kumar’s responsibilities include the development of a cannabinoid analytical testing laboratory and cannabinoid genomics lab at Canadore College


Rules around celebrity cannabis brands and endorsements differ in Canada and the U.S.

Canada’s rules around celebrity branding seem pretty cut and dried: it’s a no-no

Psilocybin magic mushrooms

B.C. health coalition TheraPsil may go to court for compassionate access to psilocybin

The Victoria, B.C. organization is dedicated to obtaining legal access to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy in Canada

A doctor talks to a young female patient

Pediatricians advise health-care providers to get comfortable discussing cannabis

The Canadian Paediatric Society is recommending that health-care providers educate themselves about cannabis so they can provide guidance to their patients


Lawyer Rick Moscone sees path for legalization of psychedelics for medicine, but not recreational use

A Charter challenge to Canada’s drug laws may hasten the legalization of psychedelics.


Health Canada asks cannabis producers to aid in COVID-19 testing

The agency is “working to identify lab capacity that might be available across the country”