grow your own weed

Grow Your Own Weed Inside and Outside: A Guide

Most governments are too chicken to legalize it. What’s a conscientious pothead seeking soulful wisdom to do? Canncentral offers a ready-to-use how-to guide to growing your own – outdoors, indoors or hydroponically. Warning: be on the lookout for nosy neighbours.


Cannabis in the Workplace: What Does it Actually Mean to be Impaired?

For me, cannabis reduces the intrusive thoughts from my obsessive-compulsive disorder. This frees up my cognitive space so I can better focus, communicate and work. So when am I impaired: when I’m on my medication or when I’m off it?

how to grow cannabis at home

Grow with the Flow: How to Grow Cannabis at Home

Some little-known tips and tricks to help grow your own cannabis plants at home.


The Elevated Mind: What Does Weed Feel Like? What the Government Missed

The marketing folks behind the government’s cannabis awareness campaign miss why many Canadians love getting high