Synthetic Cannabis – could it really be safe and harmless?

Someone has died, and a whopping 37 other individuals have been sent to the hospital out in Illinois with symptoms

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Someone has died, and a whopping 37 other individuals have been sent to the hospital out in Illinois with symptoms such as bleeding from body parts including the eyes and the ears. The Illinois Department of Health has said that this is all a result of using synthetic cannabis.
Many people are reading this and now worrying that cannabis is now harmful. It’s the synthetic marijuana that people need to worry about.

So, Just What Is Synthetic Marijuana?

Because of the many dangers of synthetic marijuana, it’s important to know what it is. Firstly, it isn’t regulated, and it’s a chemical that alters your mind that’s sprayed onto the dried and ground-up plants so they can be inhaled or sold as liquids. These liquids can then be smoked in vapes or e-cigarettes. Some lingo for synthetic cannabis is recognized as Black Mamba and K2. Patrick Lank, a medical toxicologist and a professor at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine has said that this drug is not safe at all. He won’t even go as far as to call synthetic marijuana fake cannabis and goes on to say that the risks and negative impacts of this stuff are extremely difficult to foresee.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that synthetic cannabis alters the same part of the brain as marijuana, but that it doesn’t actually even have THC in it, which is the active chemical in marijuana. Because it contains a slew of different chemicals that are all vastly unlike THC, it’s no surprise why it can have very different effects on the body.

Negative Symptoms Of Synthetic Cannabis

There have been a number of reported symptoms of synthetic cannabis. Everything from seizures, kidney failures, and even heart attacks. Lank has stated that vomiting, irritation, and high blood pressure can occur as well. He said that he has seen reported cases of people coming in with bleeding of the gums, nose bleeds out of the blue, blood in their stool/urine, vomiting blood, and elevated menstrual bleeding. Lank went on to say that these chemicals be life-threatening and that they have no clue what people consuming synthetic cannabis are even being exposed to. There have been some reports of the drug being linked to a chemical used in rat poisoning called brodifacoum. The question surrounding it is if someone actually went out and laced the synthetic cannabis with rat poison or if the combination of chemicals is just having a similar effect as the poison. Some of the patients that consumed synthetic cannabis also tested positive for brodifacoum, which suggests the link.

What To Take Away From This

There have been a recorded 80 to 100 new synthetic cannabinoids that were identified in only a single year. Lank has said that people should stay away from this stuff and not even try it a single time because of the inherent and various unknown risks associated with it.

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