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The Thor’s Hammer strain slam’s down with the power of Oden to blast away stress and invigorate your soul. Thor’s Hammer is cross between Vortex x Cinderella 99 x Acapulco Gold that cannot be forgotten in the lore that is cannabis mythology. This sativa dominant cross has up to 21% THC content that sparks creativity and stimulates motivation. The body effects of Thor’s Hammer make it the idea of daytime use if you can handle the potency. The Norse God himself would be proud of this earthly creation.

Thor’s Hammer initially hits you like a lightning strike from outer space that flares up your creative side and lights a spark of motivation into your life. This strain is perfect to use during the day, and people that are feeling lazy will reap the benefits from this sativa-dominant strain. It tastes a little on the tangier side with hints of sourness, and the potent THC content of Thor’s Hammer should urge users to be cautious when loading up your joint or bowl. The leaves in Thor’s Hammer appear to be a little smaller than other strains and they kind to stick together as opposed to other sativa strains that are more spread apart. It is fairly sticky to the touch and is a nice pleasant shade of green. When this weed is ground up, it will emit a skunky type of odour, and when smoked, it will taste more like a mint flavour.


The sativa effects of Thor’s Hammer will cause a rush throughout your head nearly before you even finish exhaling your first toke. It is that fast. As a result, a rush in blood pressure is to be expected and you might feel it more in the head than the rest of your body, at first. You also might salivate a little more while under its effects. Beginner users might be frightened off by these initial effects, but veteran users will know what to expect and have learned to enjoy what regularly are bland ideas or things, suddenly becoming interesting and entertaining. This change in perception is what attracts people to this strain of cannabis and is useful for people that require a sharp and tactical mindset in their tasks.

Users will reap the benefits from the energy-producing effects of Thor’s Hammer and some even use it before starting a hard gym workout. No matter how much you smoke of this weed, the mental prowess it offers remains very high. A lot of users recommend this strain for wake-and-bake sessions where they need a strong kick start to their day.

Medical Uses

Patients that use medical cannabis can use Thor’s Hammer for a number of different things. Those who have an attention deficit disorder will be able to focus on the task at hand more efficiently. For people with depression, Thor’s Hammer will enlighten your mood to a positive one and give you a sudden surge of motivation that can help you complete some of your daily tasks. It has the ability to make the mundane seem all of a sudden interesting. If you are struggling with chronic pain issues, they will be dulled and be mildly alleviated after a few tokes.

Despite these numerous benefits, Thor’s Hammer isn’t recommended for people who struggle with anxiety or paranoia. The mind-racing effects it can produce can cause discomfort in those who have a low tolerance for cannabis or are new to it. Because of that, it could potentially lead to a bad trip.

Thor’s Hammer Effects and Attributes

  • Creative


  • Energized


  • Higher


  • Body Pain

    Body Pain

  • Deppression


  • Fatigue


  • Headaches


  • Stress


  • anxious-3


  • Dizzy-3


  • Dryeyes-3

    Dry Eyes

  • DryMouth-3

    Dry Mouth

  • Paranoid-2


Thor’s Hammer Flavour

  • Group-67


  • Group-65


  • Group-76


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Calvin W

February 27, 2020 4:11 pm

  • Vibe is Energized, Sleepy, Higher,

Similar to it's namesake, Thor's Hammer will have you're thoughts going crazy. You're mind will be racing faster than any sports.This is the type of strain that will have you partying for hours, only to violently crash later on and sleep the best sleep of your life. If you try Thor's Hammer, you will be euphoric beyond belief. You're extremities will tingle with what actually feels like electricity, you'll talk faster and louder without even knowing it, and the urge to be social will not go away. The first time I tried this was at a wild college party, where literally everyone was super stressed out before hand. Once the music started and the weed was distributed, that stress disappeared. If you and your buddies are looking to wind down and forget all about the stressful days of a college kid, Thor's Hammer is definitley the strain to try. Just be careful where and when you try it. You'll party pretty hard but the crash is pretty intense too. You don't want to be in class or something and pass out in a lecture hall. That would be super awful!


February 11, 2020 1:12 pm

  • Vibe is Energized, Turned ON,

Was expecting to be cheery and euphoric but instead I felt like I was on fire, just in a good way. Everything I did felt so much better than it normally would have. Dancing to AC/DC with my boyfriend and playing video games was all so intense. It was like my adrenaline would not stump pumping. My boyfriend and I have always been adrenaline junkies, so we absolutely loved Thor's Hammer. We've been using it every night this last week. I've got to say, it's getting a little addicting. The taste and smell were very strong but didn't taste all that different from your typical marijuana strain. Earthy with some fruit and skunk all mixed in. I would definitley, one hundred percent, recommend this to anyone and everyone. Especially people who want to party and feel the adrenaline rush through their body like they're skydiving. Be prepared for the munchies though, I was eating and drinking junk food all night long.

M Miller

February 7, 2020 11:40 pm

  • Vibe is Energized,

Thor's Hammer did not taste like I expected it to. I was expecting it to be sour and strong, but if anything it was the opposite. The taste was mostly sweet, and smelled of sage and pine. Almost like a relaxing hike through a nice and cool forest. But that's where the lack of resemblance stopped. From then on everything screamed Thor. The urge to party and scream and shout was fantastic. I've never felt such strong euphoria. The high came on quick too. 5 seconds after I first inhaled and I was ready to go. The party where I happened to be was already wild, but when high on Thor's Hammer, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Imagine being in a flash mob with a million Seth Rogens. That's what this felt like! I felt relaxed yet electric. Like anything was possible, and everything was doable. It's hard to believe just how hard the crash hit me though, when I got home I fell asleep faster than Thor could summon a lightning bolt! Best sleep I've had in a really long time. Would recommend to any of the partiers out there! Cheers.


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