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Stay cool with Pacific Frost strain. From breeder Cannafornia, this indica-dominant strain hybrid combines Frosty and Pacific OG. Pacific Frost strain is known for its spicy and sweet kush taste. It is a favorite on the West Coast.

It is uplifting high makes it ideal for treating chronic pain like arthritis, headaches, cramps and muscle spasms, controlling appetite loss and nausea, and helping to manage stress, depression, and anxiety. It offers users a body high; creating a sense of calm and relaxed euphoria. As with most indica-dominant strains, the strain is recommended mostly for night and evening use.

The name “Pacific Frost” comes from two places. The first part “Pacific” comes from its popularity and breeder origin on the West Coast. “Frost” comes from the trichomes that cover the buds. The plant contains small, round buds that are a soft-green in color. These buds are completely covered with small frosty crystals (aka trichomes).

The production of trichomes is evident in many plant species. They can take on different physical shapes and serve several different purposes. In the cannabis plant, trichomes act as a defense mechanism by deterring animals with their intense smell and bitter taste (yep, it’s those sticky trichomes that give your weed its aroma). In addition, they protect the plant from the wind and chill, some types of fungal growth, and even damaging ultraviolet rays.

Although some people find that Pacific Frost is somewhat spicy, a lot of people actually find it to be sweet and fruity. Some even describe it as tasting like blueberries and blackberries. The smell is quite similar, however, Earth-like aromas tend to waft through more than Earth-like flavors do. What’s interesting is that some people don’t taste the Earth at first, but they do when the aftertaste kicks in.

One incredibly large benefit of Pacific Frost is period cramp alleviation. A lot of women actually smoke this strain or consume edibles in an effort to counteract their cramps. A lot of reviews actually say most women prefer this to take the pill because it doesn’t mess with your hormones, and you don’t have to do it every single day! Another big one is eating disorders. If you’re suffering from anorexia or a similar eating disorder, you should try Pacific Frost. It calms you down so you won’t feel stress and want to purge, and provides incessant munchies. You’re going to want to eat your face off. It’s not a great idea if you’re trying to lose weight, but for those struggling to keep it on, this is the strain for you!

For more information feel free to visit other articles on our website, or contact a member of our staff. If you do decide to smoke Pacific Frost, feel free to leave a review! Let us know how you feel and whether or not you like it. Thanks in advance!

Pacific Frost Effects and Attributes

  • Creative


  • Focused


  • Higher


  • Turned-On

    Turned ON

  • Body Pain

    Body Pain

  • Cramps


  • Deppression


  • Lack of appitite

    Lack of Appetite

  • Muscle Spasms

    Muscle Spasms

Pacific Frost Flavour

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  • Group-44


  • Group-76


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March 17, 2020 6:29 pm

  • Symptom is Headaches, Muscle Spasms,

Definitley a fantastic pain reliever. Been struggling with migraines and headaches for years, and this is the first suggested solution that actually works. The pain subsided to a dull pain at first and then completely disappeared. Not only did it go away, but it actually stayed away for quite a while after the actual high ended. Alongside all that was the fantastic euphoric mind high and an incredibly energizing body high. It was almost as though I was very relaxed yet super alert and awake. The weed warmed my body but excited my mind, and it made for a fantastic combination. The taste was overall nice, as it tasted of Earth and something distinctly sweet that I couldn’t necessarily identify. The aroma was also nice, and actually reminded me of the weed I smoked back in high school, so alongside the pain relief and euphoria was a trip down memory lane which I really enjoyed. As for side effects, I didn’t happen to suffer from any during the experience. No dry mouth and no dry eyes, which was really surprising because that tends to get me with other strains. No dizziness either. Overall a really good strain that I’d recommend to anyone. Especially people suffering from some sort of pain! The pain relief was probably my favourite part of this particular strain of weed. Truly extravagant. Definitley going to be trying this again. I may even try it in edible form just to see if the effects are the same. Heard edibles can be really strong, especially when compared to just regular old smoking. Anyway, ten out of ten. A good time overall.


March 8, 2020 8:03 pm

  • Symptom is Muscle Spasms, Body Pain,

Decided to use Pacific Frost for the pain relief and it worked awesome for my arthritis. My fingers and elbows tend to really bother me during the day, but the use of CBD oil every now and again with this particular strain really worked wonders. Not only did the pain slowly subside till near disappearance, but it stayed that way for quite a while. I was truly happy to feel such relief because I could actually go back to doing what I love to do. Not to mention things I actually NEED too during the day. The taste was pretty good too. Mostly Earthy with something sweet thrown in. The sweetness almost tasted as though it came from some sort of watermelon candy or something. As for the aroma, it was mostly Earthy and a little skunky which I didn’t mind all that much. The side effects were the only downside to this strain for me. My eyes got pretty dry, and my mouth unfortunately did too. Actually got to the point where it was difficult to swallow, which really sucked because I had the munchies (usually happens regardless of the strain). Drinking water every now and then kind of worked but cotton mouth is never fun as you could probably imagine. The dry eyes on the other hand were a little more tricky. Usually my eyes only get dry when smoking weed but it happened with the CBD oil too which must have been a dehyration type of thing. Regardless, it didn’t last all that long so all was good. Would definitley recommend for people suffering from arthritis as this strain really helped me get past that. Thanks.


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