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This is your dream strain. Humboldt Dream combines Blue Dream and Purple Panty Dropper to make a strain that relaxes you after a long day. This feeling of relaxation is courtesy of the full-body high that the user will often experience while consuming the Purple Panty Dropper strain in conjunction with the mental calming caused by Blue Dream, which ultimately results in a more laid back and chills feeling.

While the exact origin of the strain is difficult to pinpoint, one piece of information that is documented is the average range of THC Humboldt Dream often contains. In general, you can expect the THC content to be anywhere from 16-25%, meaning that this strain can be quite potent and thus results in a decent high. However, given the variability of the THC content found within the strain, it is important to experiment slowly with the amount you consume as tolerance levels can vary from person to person.

In relation to the effects, given the combination of the two strains, when consuming Humboldt dream many users cite increased feelings of relaxation and calmness. moreover, you may also feel a heightened sense of creativity as well as an enhanced state of arousal that may be accompanied by a tingling sensation throughout the body.
In terms of the appearance of Humboldt Dream, the buds of the strain are most often described as quite chunky and dark green with hints of orange and blue-ish purple colouration throughout. Further, Humboldt Dream has an almost icy or frosty quality and is said to be quite sticky and somewhat difficult to break up into smaller pieces at times. As for the scent, the most common description of the smell of the strain is a mix of a natural earthy tone as well as a fruity one that also contains an undertone of vanilla for an overall enjoyable aroma.

In regards to the flavour profile, this strain is characterized by it’s tropical and citrus flavours, with a note of lemon being one of the most prominent tastes that users can identify. Other fruits that Humboldt Dream enthusiasts have stated are present within the flavour are grapes and blueberries, making it easy to understand why many claim it has a tropical taste. In contrast to the pleasant recreational effects of the Humboldt Dream strain is the various medicinal uses it can offer for several symptoms. For example, those who are dealing with issues such as ADHD may find Humboldt Dream to be beneficial for them due to its chill and sedative nature that can help put the mind at ease. In addition, this strain can be useful for individuals who are experiencing bodily pain, once again due to its sedative properties that can aid in the relaxation of the body as well as the mind.

As such, you can expect this strain may also aid individuals in getting better quality sleep, given that some users have claimed they felt tired and on the verge of falling asleep after consumption.

Humboldt Dream Effects and Attributes

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  • Creative


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  • Body Pain

    Body Pain

  • Deppression


  • Fatigue


  • Insomnia


  • Stress


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  • Dryeyes-3

    Dry Eyes

  • DryMouth-3

    Dry Mouth

Humboldt Dream Flavour

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Nora D

March 26, 2020 11:48 pm

  • Vibe is Chill,

Although the high was pretty good, I couldn't get over the disgusting after taste I had for the majority of the night. I felt euphoric and relaxed, but the taste just ruined it for me. Don't get me wrong, the initial aroma and taste was okay (not good but also not bad), it was the aftertaste following the inhales. Imagine roadkill mixed with dirt and ash. That's what it tasted like. Not to mention I had some pretty gnarly dry mouth, which really made it hard to get rid of the taste. A friend had smoked it a few days before I did, and was the one who told me to try it. He said he didn't happen to notice any nasty aftertaste, so I suppose it was the specific weed I had gotten. Not going to smoke this again. If I was to try again I would try edibles. If you're going to try this expect a decent high, but a disgusting aftertaste if you smoke it.

elle S

March 19, 2020 1:13 am

  • Vibe is Chill, Energized,

Found that this was an average strain. The high was nice. Gave me a nice buzz. Pretty euphoric, and really relaxing. It was nice, but not nearly as strong as some others. The body high was decent, but again the warming of the limbs was much weaker than other strains I've tried. As for the taste, it was decent. Earthy and tasted like diesel and skunk. Hints of citrus underneath as well. The smell was basic. Earth and skunk were pretty much all you could smell. As for side effects, dry mouth was definitely present, and so was dry eyes. The smoke itself (which was probably the reason for the dry eyes and mouth), was a little thicker than the average strain, but still wasn't difficult to inhale or anything. Overall I would rate this strain a seven out of ten, and would recommend to beginners. Make sure you keep water with you to get rid of the cotton mouth, and wash your eyes out if you have dry eyes persistently.

Ethan C

March 15, 2020 8:11 pm

  • Vibe is Sleepy,

Definitely a great strain for a good night time chill out. The relaxing calm I felt was really intense, and the euphoria was fantastic. It wasn't like a funny, uncontrollable giggling type of euphoria, but rather, an inner excitement that made me want to learn about everything I saw. Everything was interesting, everything was cool. When I smoke this I could sit on a couch and watch five documentaries before falling asleep or getting bored. That's how good the euphoria was. Looking back, the documentaries I watched were boring. Some of them were on viruses, and others were on agriculture. Usually boring things. But when high on the Humboldt Dream strain, it was super interesting. Would definitely recommend to people who like to light up at night before bed. I slept great, the weed tasted good, and the smoke wasn't too thick or anything. Definitely one of my new favorite strains, and I look forward to using it even more. Thanks for asking for my review!


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