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In the Bay Area? What’s your number? This heady area code inspired strain is a hybrid of OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel. With a THC count of up to 24%, 707 Headband can be strong but balanced. Plants flower in 9-12 weeks with large yields. Strong diesel flavour, 707 Headband boosts creativity and energy and provides stress relief. Also used to treat anxiety and headaches. Beginners should be exercise caution to avoid couch-lock.

Originating from California’s Bay Area this cannabis strain gets its name partly from the area’s telephone code. This Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain gets the second half of its name from users who say once the high hits, you’ll feel some pressure on your head like you’re wearing a headband. Made from a combination of Master Kush, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, the strain is not for the faint at heart. Its THC levels can reach 24% making it a potent smoke. We recommend beginner marijuana users should use it with caution. It strong and balanced, suitable for both recreational and medical marijuana use. Growers appreciate this bud’s ability to produce large yields.

The potent high from a 707 Headband smoke can be very strong but most users find it does not sedate you enough to knock you out and lead you into an unwanted nap. It does give a relaxing body high perfect for chilling out with friends over good conversation. It has relaxation properties that make it a good option for winding down after a long week or day. 707 Headband strain is also a good choice for stimulating focus and creativity to complete tasks that require brainstorming. This bud is a heavy hitter. Along with pressure around the head, negative side effects can include dry mouth and eyes as well as dizziness. The potency of this strain gives a long-lasting high, newbies might find it can bring on lethargy or couch lock. It is, however, a good strain for both day and night time consumption.

707 headband has a cerebral mood uplifting high that can be beneficial to patients suffering from depression and mood disorders. The relaxing body buzz from this marijuana strain is appreciated by people who need relief from stress and anxiety. It can also be used to manage pain and inflammation, whether it is minor pain such as a headache or chronic pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia. Patients with muscle spasms can also find temporary relief by smoking medical cannabis.

The bud has a pungent scent of fresh lemon and pine. It has citrus flavours nestled in earthy tones. It can take nine and eleven weeks to flower this strain yields dense buds coated in resin. 707 Headband is well suited for home weed growing. Home-growers appreciate its adaptability as it can thrive when cultivated indoors or outside. Indoor yields can reach 500 to 600 grams per square meter, while those grown outside yield between 900 grams to 4 kilograms per plant. Outdoors, it grows best in warm, dry Mediterranean climates. When cultivated indoors, it’s best to grow it in a greenhouse. It grows into dark purple fanned leaves and neon green colas. 707 Headband’s buds tower with sugary trichomes and orange stigmas.

707 Headband Effects and Attributes

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  • Creative


  • Higher


  • Body Pain

    Body Pain

  • Deppression


  • Inflamation


  • Muscle Spasms

    Muscle Spasms

  • Stress


  • anxious-3


  • Dizzy-3


  • Dryeyes-3

    Dry Eyes

  • DryMouth-3

    Dry Mouth

  • Paranoid-2


707 Headband Flavour

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Cynthia W

February 24, 2020 6:15 pm

  • Vibe is Chill, Higher,

You have got to try this stuff. I tripped so hard I thought I was going to die. It felt like I was on shrooms and coke at the same time. My eyes got all dry and I had trouble breathing for a bit. Was like super fun. Not even a joke, I had a great time. Tried it with my brother but he hated it. Said it tasted like old sweaty gym socks. I though the taste was alright. The smell was a little too skunky for my tastes, but otherwise it was alright. I even got to feel the euphoria for a while. I was couch locked for a bit and had the munchies, but it didn’t last too long. Would recommend to all of y’all.

John Kelly

February 11, 2020 6:15 pm

  • Vibe is Sleepy,

If you want to experience the wildest paranoia, try this strain. I honest to God thought I was a vampire. Was googling how to find blood bags and everything. It was my friend that finally calmed me down. She noticed that I was losing my mind over this vampire stuff and she got me sobered up a bit. Afterwards my eyes were super dried out, and had this nasty aftertaste of dirt in my mouth. Tasted as if I went outside and licked a gravel road a bunch of times. Just plain gross. As I didn’t really get to enjoy the high, and won’t be trying this one again anytime soon, I’m going to go ahead and say that I did not enjoy 707 headband, at all.

Michael N

February 9, 2020 11:33 am

  • Vibe is Energized,

Do not use 707 truthband and drink Redbull at the same time! I was so high and paranoid I thought I was a king. I even started ordering my wife around. Calling her a peasant and whatnot. I don’t remember doing it, but the next morning she was not happy. She was mad, and not in that cute way, but rather I’m sleeping in the dog house for a month kind of way. I’d try it again without the Redbull but the wife says I’ve lost my weed priviledges for the month. Sounds like a load of balogna if you ask me.


February 4, 2020 6:15 pm

  • Vibe is Chill,

Had a good time with this strain out one a camp site with some buddies. The smell blended right in with our surroundings. Earth, Skunk and dirt. Reminded me of old school weed. Back before anybody worried about what kind of strain they were getting. Now a days people only want the best strains going. Back in my day, you’d be lucky not to get busted with a few morsels of weed in your back pocket. Kids these days don’t know how lucky they really are. We used to have to visit the guy on the corner, only to be scammed left and right. Turns out you’d have to meet the guys in front of a seven eleven. They always had the good stuff. Anyway, 707’s some pretty decent weed. See for yourself.


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