Storing Cannabis Seeds: What You Need To Know

Need to Know How To Store Your Cannabis Seeds? Read This Now To Find Out what You Need To Know

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Need to Know How To Store Your Cannabis Seeds? Read This Now To Find Out what You Need To Know

How long is it safe to store cannabis seeds for?

The popular answer to this question seems to be for about two years if it is stored in a cool, dark place; maybe five years if you are lucky.

Seeds that are older than this have been known to sprout when stored well, so it’s worth giving them a try. But, even though cannabis is pretty robust, it’s not good to plan on this

In general terms, the fresher your seeds are the better their chances of germinating, so no more than a couple of months is an ideal age for seeds. A point to note on the age of your seeds; you should not harvest them too early, but after they’ve had a chance to darken.

So, really there is no set ‘best before’ date with cannabis seeds, but the longer you store them the less chance you have of germination.

How to store your cannabis seeds best?

One of the best things for storing cannabis seeds is an old black plastic film canister. Keep this at the back of your and you have your ideal cool and dark storage location.

It’s a good idea to put some silica crystal in with the seeds to keep moisture levels down. If you have no food grade silica, a few grains of uncooked rice does the same job. To make your storage more airtight, place the seeds and rice inside a small plastic bag and place that inside your canister.

Finding an old photo film cartridge may be difficult now that everything photographic has gone digital, so any airtight container will suffice. You may be able to reuse the packaging that your seeds came in if you have bought them; this should be good for a couple of months.

How to store cannabis seeds in the longer term is a bit different. You really need to be thinking about vacuum packing or heat sealing. Mason jars work well also, but you will need something light-proof inside them

With all containers for your cannabis seed storage, the end result is to keep out moisture, light, heat, and oxygen. This will slow down the decay rate of your cannabis seeds and prevent it from germinating too early.

Keeping your cannabis seeds stored in a cool place also helps to keep moisture out and stop early germination.

Stable temperature and humidity levels will extend the life of your cannabis seeds, so make sure these are maintained.

Use these above steps to improve your knowledge of how to store cannabis seeds.

How to store cannabis seeds in your fridge.

It is best to store your cannabis seeds at the back of the fridge as this is the part that has a stable temperature. Storing them in the veggies tray at the bottom of the fridge is also ok.

The place you least want to use is the door of your fridge. This is continuously being opened and closed, so the temperature is far from stable. Also, the changes in temperature can cause condensation and moisture.

This is why some people answer the question “how to store cannabis seeds?” with the answer that they should be stored in the freezer. However, not everyone agrees with this advice.

So, can cannabis seeds be stored in the freezer?

Many marijuana enthusiasts argue that the best long term storage (beyond 2 years) is to freeze your cannabis seeds. Others point out that specialist freezing equipment is required to do this properly and most people do not have this.

The answer is that no-one is totally sure, even the companies that sell cannabis seeds.

So, if you are hell-bent on freezing your seeds, read on.

Once frozen, do not defrost your seeds until you intend to use them. Frequent freezing and thawing will damage your seeds and stop them from germinating. When you do want to defrost them, do it slowly at room temperature, not with a microwave or hot water.

Even those who are against freezing cannabis seeds for long term storage say that freezing them only once should not damage the seeds.

How to store cannabis seeds in the ideal temperature and humidity levels?

Humidity and temperature are the two most important factors when it comes to cannabis seed storage, with humidity being the key.

Your marijuana seeds will absorb moisture from a damp atmosphere and they will dry out in a dry atmosphere. As moisture content is decreased by 1%, the storage life of marijuana seeds is doubled.

Here is a guide to atmospheric moisture levels and the effect on your cannabis seed storage.

80-100% — Risk of wilting and drowning.
40-60% — Risk of germination.
18-20% — Risk of heating.
12-14% — Risk of fungus.
8-9% — Risk of pests and insects.

Heating can occur due to your seeds breathing; by a fungus growing on the seeds, and by rapid expansion in a moist environment. High moisture levels will kill your seeds as will high temperatures, so care should be taken when storing cannabis seeds.

Storage at 41ºF (5ºC) temperature will give your cannabis seeds double the lifespan. So, refrigeration at this temperature is recommended even though this is slightly warmer than a normal fridge. Cannabis seed vitality is maintained at cooler temperatures.

Adhering to these cannabis seed storage principles will give you a good chance of storing your seeds for 5 years

However, you store your cannabis seeds, make sure you correctly label the container. Details of strain, date, quantity etc will make storing and selection easier. It can be easy to forget this simple step and have a whole load of heartache when you open the wrong container.

So, that’s about it on How To Store Cannabis Seeds. Good luck with storing your harvest.

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