What is sticky-icky weed? And how good is it?

Do you think Snoop Dogg is smoking on some round town brown, or do you think he’s blazing on some good sticky-icky?

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You’ve probably heard the term sticky-icky and may be asking yourself, “Is sticky weed good?” Sticky-icky actually refers to good weed. It’s moist to the touch and gives you sticky fingers, but, when it’s cured long enough, you can smoke it smoothly. It also tastes great and creates a good buzz. If the weed in question doesn’t have these qualities, it’s definitely not sticky weed. It’s more likely some round town brown or swag, just two of the many slang names given to low-quality weed. Think of it this way: do you think Snoop Dogg is smoking on some round town brown, or do you think he’s blazing on some good sticky-icky? We have no doubt that Uncle Snoop smokes nothing but the finest sticky-icky on the market.

Sticky-icky weed is much better than dry weed, every time. This is because it has a higher resin profile and is much richer in cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are the compounds in cannabis such as CBN, CBG, CBD, THC and others that create the effects you feel.

A higher cannabinoid profile means a better buzz through the entourage effect (cannabinoids working together).

Trichomes and resin

Trichomes are resin glands on a cannabis plant, and they’re critical to sticky weed. Under a microscope, a trichome looks like a small hair. It contains a liquid that remains clear until harvest time. At that point, the liquid turns a light brownish colour and starts to move in the trichome. Most growers harvest their cannabis plants when the resin inside the trichomes has reached the midpoint between the bottom and top of the trichome.

You don’t need a microscope to see trichomes. They can be seen easily with the naked eye. They’re more commonly known as crystals. If you’re on the lookout for some good sticky weed, you should check for a heavy coating of crystals on the buds. 

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Still, there’s a common misconception that all trichome-covered cannabis is good. If the weed is too dry, then your marijuana will not have the significant cannabinoid profile needed to produce good sticky results. Any high from this kind of weed will likely be short, lasting only a few minutes.

Below are a few legendary strains known for being sticky:

  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • White Widow
  • Exodus Cheese
  • Ice
  • Flo

Sticky versus dry weed

Sticky buds and dry buds are both capable of producing a buzz. Usually, sticky buds have a higher quality. Dry buds will give you more nugs and a decent buzz, and are typically on the lower end of the price spectrum. They’re often used in making edibles because they’re easy to grind finely. They also carry a pretty good flavour profile. They do tend to burn a little harsher, faster, and hotter than sticky weed.

If you go to crumble a bud up and it starts to float away, then you know you are breaking up some low-quality dry weed. If you break the bud up and it leaves a sticky feeling on your fingertips and falls into a small, lumpy pile, then you’re in luck: you most likely have your hands on some sticky-icky bud! If it crawls, then you definitely have the good stuff — that is, if you break it up into a pile, and the pile starts to move on its own as the trichomes settle.

Now that you’re aware of the difference between sticky and dry weed, you can use your knowledge to get your hands on some good-quality sticky weed the next time you pick up a stash. Get some dry weed and some sticky weed and make your own comparison. When it has been flowered to perfection, sticky weed is so much better.

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