Statistics Canada report shows cannabis wholesale rose to $186 million in August 2021

The bulk merchandising of cannabis grew 67.4 percent year-over-year.

The food, beverage and tobacco sector, which covers cannabis, saw sales increase last summer. Ivan-balvan/Getty Images


Statistics Canada has reported that the wholesale trade sector, which includes cannabis, grew in August 2021.

Overall sales in the country increased month-over-month by a modest 0.3 percent to $70.3 billion.

In its report, Statistics Canada noted that this was the “first increase following two months of declines”.

Cannabis is counted as part of sales in the food, beverage and tobacco sector.

In August 2021, wholesale trade for food, beverage and tobacco products rose 3.8 percent to $13.1 billion.

“The food, beverage and tobacco subsector tends to be the most stable of the wholesale sector,” Statistics Canada reported.

In particular, cannabis wholesale in August grew to $186 million.

Trade was up 3.9 percent up month-over-month from July 2021, when bulk merchandising of cannabis reached $179 million.

On a year-over-year basis, the August 2021 wholesale represents a 67.4 percent increase from the same month last year.

In August 2020, cannabis wholesale totalled $111 million.

Statistics Canada figures show that cannabis made the biggest year-over-year rate of increase compared to others.

Wholesale in food increased annually by 10 percent; cigarette and tobacco products, 2.6 percent; and beverage declined by 3.8 percent.

By far, food represents the biggest item in the sector, with wholesale trade amounting to $11.5 billion in August 2021.

Meanwhile, beverage reached $799 million, and tobacco and tobacco products, $626 million.

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