SpeakEasy Cannabis Club seeks to double maiden harvest to 140,000 kilograms in 2021

The Rock Creek, B.C. company reaped its first outdoor harvest last year.

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club owns a 117-hectare facility in B.C.’s South Okanagan region.


SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. is aiming higher with its 2021 crop.

For this year, the Rock Creek, B.C. federal licence holder plans to double its maiden outdoor harvest in 2020.

From last year’s 72,000 kilograms, the company founded by Marc Geen wants to reap 140,000 for its second outdoor yield.

“We took a huge leap planting our outdoor field last year and learned a ton,” Geen said in a media release Friday (June 18).

The Geen family has deep roots in farming in B.C.’s South Okanagan region.

“There are countless steps in preparing and planting a field of cannabis, learning and hopefully improving based on experiences from the previous years is key,” the SpeakEasy founder said.

The company owns a 117-hectare facility in Rockcreek, where it grows cannabis both outdoors and indoors.

A November 16, 2020 media release spoke about SpeakEasy’s first outdoor harvest from a 24-hectare area.

The 72,000-kilogram produce consisted of dried flower, fresh frozen flower, and biomass.

Dried flower yielded 11,400 kilograms, which are useful for finished products like pre-rolls, shatter, distillate, and others.

Fresh frozen flower totalled 13,861 kilograms, which produce high-value extracts.

Biomass yielded 47,250 kilograms, which SpeakEasy explained were to be used for “bulk extraction” of cannabinoids or cannabis compounds like THC and CBD.

“What I had imagined for years finally came true and was more spectacular and amazing than I had pictured,” Geen said in the November 2020 media release.

SpeakEasy holds a cultivation, processing, and sales licence issued by Health Canada.

Online, the company highlights the low cost of production associated with outdoor growing.

Specifically, cultivation expense is estimated to be $0.04 per gram for trimmed flower, and $0.02 per gram for extract material.

In its June 18, 2021 release, SpeakEasy recalled that its first outdoor harvest also delivered a “quality crop” achieving a flower potency 15 percent to 18 percent THC.

To explain, THC or delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound that produces a high among cannabis users.

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. trades in the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol EASY. As of this posting, each share was $0.60.

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