Some cannabis wisdom on International Day of Peace

Forget 420 – maybe September 21 should be our special day to celebrate cannabis

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I spotted a sign outside a coffee shop recently and it made me think.

“Before you hold a grudge,” it read, “hold a conversation. It might just have been a misunderstanding.”

I smiled because it’s so true.

It’s pretty much how you feel when you smoke pot.

It’s a feeling of peace that cannabis rewards you with. With that feeling comes an openness to consensus and a desire to move away from conflict.

I had the hope that more people would start to use cannabis post-legalization. And that legalization would result in more caring, collaborative communities – cannabis has forever offered feelings of peace, tranquility and non-violence.

We’re not there yet. But legalization is a way to encourage more people to get closer to those feelings of peace.

The International Day of Peace, which is recognized today (September 21), was established by the United Nations in 1981.

On Saturday, the UN is inviting all nations to commemorate the day through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

And while it’s probably not what the UN had in mind, the long overdue legalization of cannabis in Canada was an act of peace. It provided safe access to a plant capable of incredible things.

Cannabis is more than just about catching a quick buzz. Smoking cannabis, for many of us living on the 24/7 hamster wheel of life, offers not only a reprieve, but mindfulness.

How can the world make peace when we’re stressed, anxious, with the fight – or flight – hormone coursing through our veins? How does this help us achieve non-violence?

This fall, many Canadians will harvest their first legal crop. To be able to garden without fear of the police has been such a welcome change.

For those of us looking to make an offering September 21, we can start with some more conversation on the continuing war on drugs. And what safe, affordable access means, and what harm reduction actually looks like.

The UN has made a heartfelt request to the global community to recognize a special day of hope. If you believe that peace starts within each one of us, then you should harvest some bud on Saturday. And take the time to indulge and reflect.

Forget 420. Maybe September 21 should be our special day. Peace is only a puff away.

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