Smoke Pong is a pothead’s beer pong

The rules are simple: stack ‘em, sink ‘em, slam ‘em—that’s how we beer pong. Then, spew cheap suds all over

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The rules are simple: stack ‘em, sink ‘em, slam ‘em—that’s how we beer pong. Then, spew cheap suds all over your friend’s rug, pass out, and buy them Denny’s the next day to make up for it.

But what about the party animals who prefer herbal recreation? Well, there’s a game for that too: Smoke Pong.

Use three to six cups to form a triangle. Pair up. Then players take turns tossing ping-pong balls into one another’s cups. The only difference is instead of downing a few ounces of tepid ale when a ball makes it into a cup, players smoke a bowl of freshly burnt bud.

Theoretically, this could be played with with a bong or joint waiting on the side, to be hit when a standard ping-pong ball is sunk in a standard red Solo cup. Or, players can invest in a new kit all together, tailored to the smoke pong enthusiast.

An American company, SmokePong, created a lime green silicon cup that doubles as a bong. Players fill each cup with a bit of ice water, to cool the smoke, and play as if it were a standard round of beer pong.

The SmokePong balls are silicon, as well, but hollowed to store about half-a-gram of ground cannabis inside. Once the balls are packed, it’s simple: sink one into the opposite teams bong-slash-cup, and they have to smoke it.

Gag gift and party game company NPW also created Bong Pong, which is essentially the same thing but instead of throwing the balls, players fire them across the table from a spring-loaded plastic bong.

No doubt, just like the popular boozey frat house game, this game is meant for parties and the goal is to get really, really high.

Players can either follow classic rules (one re-rack per game, elbows can’t cross the table when tossing, and one player shoots at a time) or they can get creative with their own.

SmokePong doesn’t ship products to Canada—so interested investors will have to convince a friend in the States to sign for the package or take a trip across the border. Or they can just MacGyver the game themselves.

Recently, Vancouver’s historic consumption-friendly lounge, the New Amsterdam Cafe, rung in the annual day of pot protest and celebration, 4/20, with Canada’s first official Smoke Pong tournament. The kit can be found there, as well.

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