The Wonders of One-Hitters -the Small Cannabis Pipes

The What And The How Of Glass One-Hitter Cannabis Pipes Glass one-hitter pipes are surely a great, quick, and convenient


The What And The How Of Glass One-Hitter Cannabis Pipes

Glass one-hitter pipes are surely a great, quick, and convenient way to smoke cannabis. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very easy to conceal. Many people use them out of quick convenience. A nice perk of using a glass-one hitter is that it helps control just how much you consume. They can appeal to people that want to feel the buzz as well as ones that don’t want to feel too much of it. But, just what exactly is it?

A Glass One-Hitter?

It is basically a very small pipe that contains one hit of marijuana. These glass-one hitters are sometimes called a “chillum” or “bat”. Some of them come as glass, while others come in metal. There are all sorts of different sizes and unique shapes and some have a bowl on one end with the mouthpiece on the other, while others simply resemble an e-cigarette. Glass one-hitters can be used just as they are, or they can be included in a set called a “dugout”. These include a tiny notch that contains the bat, but also include a little space for grinded up weed. This easily allows the user to pack the bowl. The more artistic user that likes glass can choose from tons of different shapes, while the regular user can pick up one that looks just like a cigarette.

So How Do I Use A One-Hitter?

The simplicity of one-hitters is what makes them so appealing.

  1. Firstly, you pack at the end of the one-hitter with grinded up weed. Pack it fairly tight in so it doesn’t get all over the place when ready to light up and smoke.
  2. Bring the mouthpiece up to your lips and inhale while lighting the cannabis at the end of the one-hitter.

It’s as simple as that. Now all you have to do is tap or blow out the remains of the end and it should be ready to go for the next use.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A One-Hitter?

One of the biggest and most attractive benefits of using a one-hitter is the discretion that it gives users. Because it is so small, this makes it the easiest to keep out of plain sight and easiest to store. If you don’t want to get too high, a one-hitter is the way to go because the dosage is such a small amount. A joint on the other hand is left to burn off if you have had too much and don’t want any more. Because many variations of one-hitters resemble cigarettes, many people would think you are just lighting up one.

Another benefit is that because you are packing such a small amount in the one-hitter, it makes it easy to conserve cannabis. Joints or bongs comparatively require more cannabis than a one-hitter and resultantly, would affect the user more than a one-hitter would. You can even pack a smaller amount in the one-hitter if you don’t want too much. Returning to it later if you don’t completely finish the greens is another way to conserve.

Microdosing Marijuana With A One-Hitter

One-hitters are one of the best ways to dose yourself accurately when consuming cannabis. People with low tolerance or even people that smoke medicinally will prefer this method over other ones because of that. Moderating your dosage to the point where it doesn’t interfere with any daily life activities is a welcome change to smoking out of a bong that may leave the user too buzzed to do things they would normally do if they smoked less.

Take a browse on over to your local cannabis shop and see which one-hitter you’ll enjoy.

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