Slow Burning, Long Lasting Joints

For many people, joint rolling is considered an art form that few have perfected. There is something special and utterly

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For many people, joint rolling is considered an art form that few have perfected. There is something special and utterly satisfying about a well rolled, tightly packed, and slow-burning joint. Unfortunately, perfecting the skill of rolling can be more challenging than it seems. Many people struggle to roll a joint that works at all, let alone do it perfectly.

When it comes to rolling, one of the most asked questions that cannabis smokers have is how to roll and how to light a joint. In order to savour your marijuana and properly enjoy your leisure smoke sessions, here are some tips to consider when rolling:

1. Precisely Grind Your Cannabis

When trying to roll a clean joint that will last, it is imperative to finely grind your cannabis. For the best results, try to find a sturdy grinder that won’t wear down easily. If you must, using your hands or household items like scissors will work. However, it is not recommended as it is time-consuming and will often cause the joint to burn unevenly. It is also important not to over grind, as the powdery herb may then prevent proper airflow which in turn, may compromise your smoking experience.

Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, in a wide range of prices. Be sure to choose one that will accommodate the amount of weed you smoke. This way, you won’t have to tediously pack your grinder multiple times. Time is of the essence, and a proper grinder will save you from wasting yours.

2. Source Quality Starting Material

Cure time will affect the burn rate of the cannabis inside of your joint, so Buying properly cured cannabis is crucial for long-lasting joints as well as a more enjoyable experience. Cannabis that has not been cured enough, will burn very slowly. Whereas, dry or old cannabis will burn far too quickly to properly enjoy. For these reasons, sourcing your marijuana from reputable establishments is highly recommended, as you will have more variety and higher quality cannabis. Another great tip is to speak with your cannabis retailer about which strands they recommend as well as your preferences when smoking. Once they have a better idea of what you’re looking for, they can find a cannabis cultivar that will fit and satisfy all of your needs.

3. Choosing the Right Rolling Paper

Nowadays, rolling papers come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own specific characteristics. Finding the “best” rolling paper is a matter of preference. Try experimenting with a few different brands, comparing will help you determine which brand suits you best. Some of the more popular brands include RAW Rolling Papers and Zig Zags. They both come in various sizes, depending on how you prefer to roll. Both brands are highly recommended for longer-lasting, even burning joints.

4. Try To Use Multiple Sheets

When rolling your joint, consider using an extra paper for fortification. Rolling papers are quite thin and flimsy, therefore they tend to burn quickly. Using more than one sheet will allow your joint to burn more slowly as well as prevent it from burning unevenly. A second sheet may also help contain airflow and patch up any mistakes in the first sheet. This results in a much cleaner looking joint that will be easier to pack tightly, which is our next point.

5. Pack Joints Tightly

When trying to slow the rate at which your joint burns, the key is perfecting the airflow. The best way to control the airflow is to tightly pack your joint and ensure it’s evenly spread. There are many methods, and even machines, that will help you properly pack and precisely roll.

One method of rolling that works well for beginners is the “canoe method”. Start by folding a rolling paper in half, and then tightly twist one end of the paper into a cone. Make sure the hole at that end is big enough to pull smoke out of but small enough to prevent any grinded up cannabis from entering your mouth. This is a very significant part of rolling and is also what creates the “canoe” that can now be easily packed. After you finish packing your cone with enough marijuana to satisfy you, try to use a long, thin material to pat it down and pack it even tighter. An example of this would be a pencil, or even your pinky if it fits. Once you’ve finished tightly packing the weed, you must twist the other end until it is securely closed. Do not roll the joint so tight that you risk splitting the paper or clogging the airflow.

6. “Twax” Your Joint

“Twaxing,” is the process of adding cannabis concentrates to your joint. This is a terrific way to attain a more prominent high because it delivers additional cannabinoids to your system. The substance of the wax, whether you put it on the outside of your joint or pack it inside with the cannabis, is vicious enough to significantly slow down the rate at which your joint burns. This method will provide you with a long-lasting smoking experience, as well as a noticeably stronger high. Using cannabis substances such as butter or crumble, works well inside of a joint. Whereas shatters and saps work wonderfully when spread around the outside of your rolled joints.

7. Recycle Roaches

The end of a joint will yield the last few remnants of your cannabis. Don’t let this go to waste, as they quickly add up and can help you save expenses. There are several ways to recycle the roaches of your joints. One of them is to use a clip or a “roach stone”, which will allow you to safely finish the remainder of your joint without burning your fingers. You can also try repacking the contents of the roach into a bowl, to smoke out of a bong or water pipe You can even choose to pick the last bit of marijuana out of your expired joint and save it for later use. Your grinder is the perfect place to store that last bit of ground herb until you’re ready for your next smoking adventure.

With these tips, you will be able to extend and revamp your smoking experience by perfecting how you roll. Remember the keys to long-lasting, slow-burning, and effective joints are: Attaining good quality cannabis, reputable rolling papers, and ensuring your joints are securely rolled and properly lacked.

Bonus tip: The quantity of your joints also plays a factor in extending burn rates. If you want a longer-lasting smoking session, try rolling bigger joints and remember, sharing is caring!

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