Six blunt wraps to take the frustration out of rolling joints

Blunt wraps are empty cones that you just stuff your weed into and get to smoking without the frustration

blunt wraps rolling joints

Blunt wraps take the mess and frustration out of rolling your weed. Photo by Grace Cox / iStock / Getty Images Plus


For a lot of us, rolling joints is a pain in the butt. If you don’t know what you’re doing, they can become loosely rolled, which makes them hard to keep lit and can create canoeing (where only one side of the joint burns, resulting in a canoe-like shape), or they can be rolled too tight, so that it’s hard to pull smoke through and you end up having to relight burnt nugs, making you cough more than you’d probably like to.

Want to add a filter? That’s another challenge in the whole process. Buying pre-rolls is usually a good option, but sometimes whoever rolled your weed doesn’t grind it up enough and you end up wasting some of the joint with uneven chunks of cannabis. That’s where blunt wraps come in handy. They are empty cones that you just stuff your weed into and get to smoking without the frustration.

We’ve put together a list of six great wraps to check out.

King Palm mini size leaves

These are hand-picked natural leaf rolls of the Cordia (Borage) family, cleaned with purified water. King Palm uses its collective of farms across Southeast Asia, allowing no toxic fertilizers or artificial flavouring. The wraps are biodegradable and have a corn-husk filter plus a bamboo stick for easy weed packing. These rolls are slow burning and come in packs of 25.

King Palm mini size leaves.

Juicy Jay’s hemp wrap variety pack

If you like to add some extra flavour to your smoke, grab some fruity rolls to enhance each pull of the blunt. This variety pack is 100-percent hemp with no tobacco. Getting the variety pack allows you to try six flavours that the company produces including: Black N’ Blueberry, Mango Papaya Twist, Natural, Tropical Passion, Strawberry Fields, and Grapes Gone Wild. Once you find the flavour you like, there are options to order that one flavour on its own. These can dry out, so it’s best to keep them in the package until you use them. Every order comes with a WENEED doob tube and a scoop card to help you collect the little crumbs so you don’t waste any of your cannabis.

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps.

Kingpin pure hemp wraps

Since hemp comes from the same plant, the wraps will complement the weed you’re smoking better than some other leaves. Kingpin uses Perfect Fold Technology that makes each roll identical and a sticky lip that eliminates the need for glue or excessive licking to complete your roll. The packaging is resealable to keep the wraps as fresh as the day you bought them and they are vegan and tobacco-free. For an easy full-flavoured blunt, these are a great choice.

Kingpin pure hemp wraps.

BioRoll bundle

This four-item bundle comes with three packs of pre-rolled ebony leaf wraps and 10 feet of hemp BioWick. Both the leaf wraps and the hemp wicks are coated in beeswax, creating a nice slow burn when smoking. These are hand-rolled and tied without any toxic glues or any bacteria that saliva can create in blunts that require licking to complete. The wraps are vegan and non-GMO, with no dyes, chemicals, or preservatives. You don’t have to worry about them drying out because these don’t require any humidity after they get to you.

BioRoll Classic bundle.

Cyclones hemp cone with wooden tip

These naturally toasted hemp blunt wraps are tobacco-free with two different flavours to pick from (Wonderberry or Sugar Cane). The funnel shape that Cyclone wraps are famous for is hard to get right on your own. You can get that cool shape easily with these wraps. The company launched in 2004 and has been a mainstay on store shelves since then. The reusable wooden tip is a nice touch because it doesn’t get soggy or flake apart when you’re smoking.

Cyclones Sugar Cane hemp wraps.

Chocolate-flavoured High Tea Leaf hemp wraps

Feel like a little dessert with your blunt? High Tea Leaf uses hemp, cacao, mate, and good-grade flours to create a natural tasting flavoured blunt wrap. The resealable bag will keep the rolls fresh. The company has roots in Brazil, Uruguay, Israel, and Canada. The wraps will curl right out of the bag for easy packing and smoking.

High Tea Leaf hemp wraps.

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  • McKINNEY Terry July 22, 2020 11:56 PM

    Are people really getting this lazy?What’s the fun in this?Practise rolling in a moving automobile.Hone your skills.Assuming you smoke?Even if you don’t, yourself?Make friends and influence people.

  • Tharun July 30, 2020 08:57 AM

    I like king palms but they are expensive! Tried bioroll and it’s a great alternative. Juicy Jay’s are good too but I get a slight distasting after taste. Haven’t tried the rest

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