Rosin Press – What is it?

Rosin: Cannabis Concentrates Within the cannabis community, rosin, shatter, wax, butter, and other cannabis concentrates have become very popular over


Rosin: Cannabis Concentrates

Within the cannabis community, rosin, shatter, wax, butter, and other cannabis concentrates have become very popular over the years and as a result, they now play a major role in the cannabis industry. There are a variety of concentrates to choose from, but there are two in particular that differ in their inherent features: the extraction method and the end, final product. Typically, most cannabis concentrates are solvent-based in which a chemical solvent (Butane, CO2, alcohol, etc) is used to extract the cannabinoids from the plant or flower buds. However, there are two inherent problems with solvent-based extracts. One is there may be some solvent residue left in the finished product which then, in turn, ruins the flavour and quality of the extract. In addition to this, solvents are volatile and extremely flammable and there is always the dangerous risk of fire or even an explosion. Rosin is different and stands out from all the other concentrates as there is no solvent used in the process.

But what is rosin? It’s basically a solvent-less shatter. Shatter is one of the most popular marijuana concentrates. Therefore as such, shatter is an extremely high, intensely potent marijuana product. As there are no solvents used in the extraction process, and seeing as there is no risk of smoking residual chemicals, rosin is becoming increasingly very popular. And it may surprise some to know that you can make your own rosin right at home. And as an added bonus, it can be done without the need for any expensive laboratory instruments whatsoever. And if it is made correctly, rosin is full of terpenes and flavour. You’ll find that the aroma is exactly the same as the original bud. Rosin, like many other concentrates, may contain up to 90% THC which makes it the best option for both recreational and medical consumers.

Rather than using chemical solvents, rosin is made through heat and pressure to produce this popular, newly trending cannabis concentrate. Firstly, the flower buds are placed in a rosin press. This contraption is a 25 to 90-micron hole size bag made of nylon. This nylon press is used to isolate the cannabis plant from pure rosin. Under intense heat and pressure, these bags are then squished until the oil is squeezed out. This oil then drips onto parchment paper where the rosin is then gathered and stored in a silicon wax container. Hence, due to the high pressure and temperature needed to extract the oil, the need for a rosin press is required.

The combination of pressure, heat, and time on the trichomes of cannabis flower, hash, kief, or trim to forcefully extract the essential oil comprises what is a rosin press. A rosin press can come in a variety of configurations, just as long as the two main requirements are met – heat and pressure – they will all serve the same outcome for producing rosin. A commercial rosin press consists of two plates, a pressing system, and a heater. Steel or aluminum plates are heated and then pressed together either pneumatically, hydraulically, electrically or even manually. Once the extract has been collected and deposited to the parchment paper, the paper is discarded with a tool to collect the newly pressed rosin.

As a guide, here is what is involved in creating your own rosin press at home. Prepare all the necessary items that you’ll require. They will be a cannabis bud, rosin press (or even an electric hair straightener can be used in a pinch), parchment paper and a nylon micron bag. The main component will be the press itself. Whether it be pneumatic, hydraulic or a circular turn crank wheel. Applying heat and pressure is crucial. It is recommended to experiment with different temperatures to see which one yields you the best results for your resin.

Here are the steps to follow in the procedure:

  1. Turn the heater on
  2. Pack your buds into pressing bags
  3. Cover the bag with parchment papers and place it in between the press plates
  4. Increase the pressure; then after a few seconds, you will see the rosin flow out of the bag.
  5. Implement more pressure to ensure that you extract all of the oil.
  6. Let the rosin cooldown on the parchment paper.
  7. With a flat-bladed tool of some sort, scrape the paper and collect the rosin.
  8. Keep it stored in a silicon wax container to consume when desired.

The manner in which rosin is consumed is the same method that is used for shatter. Whether you vape it, wax it, or dab it, sit back, relax and enjoy the purest high.

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