Rolling a joint: A beginner’s eight-step guide

Rolling a joint is a skill everyone should know. If you’re a cannabis user you definitely need to be able to roll your own joints.

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Rolling a joint is a skill everyone should have. If you’re a cannabis user, you definitely need to be able to roll your own joints. Don’t be the person always asking someone else to roll them for you. That gets annoying and punches your street cred in ways you don’t want it getting punched. To help the beginners out, we’ve put together a quick guide that’s super easy to follow. Eight simple steps to follow and you’ve done it. Let’s get started. 

Step 1: What type of joint will you roll?

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Your first step is to pick what type of joint you want to roll. If you’re not familiar with the various types of joint, worry not! We’ve put together a detailed list. Keep in mind that this first step serves to show you the different types of joint. We will be rolling standard joints in this guide. Skip this step if you don’t care about other joint styles.

  • Standard – This is the most basic and popular of joints. It essentially refers to simply putting ground up weed into rolling papers and rolling them as though they were cigarettes. This is the type we will be outlining in this eight-step guide. 
  • Pinner – A pinner is basically a smaller and thinner version of the standard joint. This particular type of joint is the go-to for people who have small amounts of weed on hand. 
  • Tulip – A tulip joint looks like a tulip, hence the name! It’s constructed by joining a paper stem to a small, flower-like cone.
  • Cross joint – This style consists of two joints grafted together so as to look like a cross. If you’re a fan of Seth Rogen, you’ve probably seen this style before. 
  • Fatty – The opposite of a pinner. The fatty is a large joint that’s full to the brim with weed. Mainly for people looking to get really stoned. 
  • XXL – Basically the Fatty but on steroids. It’s massive and takes a lot of time, effort, and weed. 
  • Cone – This type of joint is cone-shaped. It starts out straight like a standard joint and gets wider as it goes along. 

Step 2: Gather your materials

It’s now time to go and gather your supplies. Make sure you have a little extra of each. You don’t want one mistake to ruin your fun! Be sure not to give up if you fail. Lots of people fail on their first try, so it’s normal. Just keep trying and you’ll get it. Below is a list of all of the necessary materials. 

Step 3: Grind up your weed

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Start by making sure your weed is very dry and aired out. When you’re ready, use a grinder to grind up the weed. Try not to use your hands, because the oils from your fingers will make the joint harder to pack. Also, keep in mind that the better you grind the weed, the smoother the joint will be. Failing to grind it all up will cause hacking and coughing fits that you really don’t want! Breathing in rough smoke really sucks. If you don’t have a weed grinder, try using a very sharp knife or a pair of sharp scissors. 

Step 4: Pack your joint

Overall, you’re going to want about half a gram of weed for a regular-sized joint. Take your weed and distribute it throughout the middle of one of your rolling papers. One end should have quite a bit more than the other. 

Step 5: Roll your paper

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When trying to roll the paper, you’re going to want to roll it in between your fingers. This may take some tries. How you roll it between your fingers depends on how big you want it. Overall, just try to shape the paper to the amount of weed within it. 

Step 6: Tuck your paper, lick your paper, and stick it!

Now that you’ve accomplished the above steps, you’re going to need to tuck your rolling paper in. Start with the end that has more weed. Before doing so, consider adding a crutch. To make a crutch, find an old business card. Tear off a narrow strip and fold it into an accordion shape. Place it at one end of your joint, beside the spot where the larger amount of weed sits. Start tucking the joint from the crutch and move towards the other end. Next, give the entire length a lick and stick it shut! 

Step 7: Lock down your crutch

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The next step is actually quite simple. Bang the end of the joint containing the crutch on your table or a similarly hard surface. This connects the crutch to the weed. You can lick the end to make sure the crutch stays in and doesn’t fall out. After all, it’s supposed to be keeping your weed from falling out. How would it do that if it can’t even stay in?

Step 8: Pack the tip of your joint

It’s now time to pack the tip of your joint. Use a pen or a similarly shaped object to pack the weed so it burns nicely. To finish it all off, twist the tip to keep anything from falling out of this end. Congratulations! You just rolled your first joint.

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