Retreat with magic truffles leads to positive effects by psilocybin lasting up to a year

Magic mushrooms and truffles contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin.

The three-day retreat presents evidence that healthy individuals can benefit from psilocybin in magic truffles. Veronika Demenko/Getty Images


Like their more popular and aboveground mushroom cousins, magic truffles contain psilocybin, a pyschedelic substance.

In connection with this, a study shows that psilocybin-containing, underground-growing truffles produce enduring beneficial effects.

Further, the research indicates that these positive outcomes last for up to a year.

Four volunteers participated in a three-day legal retreat with magic truffles at Synthesis, a facility in Amsterdam.

Moreover, the participants shared their experiences during the retreat held between September 2019 and February 2020 in following interviews.

The interviews happened eight to 12 months after the retreat.

In detail, the participants reported a “range of positive after-effects” from psilocybin.

These include psychological changes like “improved mood, increased resilience, reductions in anxiety and anger, feeling more at peace, [and] being kinder to oneself”.

In addition, the volunteers spoke about “interpersonal changes” following their experience with magic truffles and psilocybin.

The study conducted by Anna Lutkajtis of the University of Sydney in Australia stated that the changes include “feeling more loving, tolerant, accepting and empathetic towards others”.

In addition, the participants reported an “increased sense of awareness regarding others”.

Also, they talked about changes to health and wellbeing.

These include “weight loss, exercise and dietary changes, reduced alcohol consumption,[and] development of new interests”.

“These after-effects were enduring and had persisted for up to twelve months,” Lutkajtis wrote about the psilocybin truffle retreat.

The Journal of Psychedelic Studies published the work online on April 14, 2021.

Lutkajtis’ study carries the title ‘Four individuals’ experiences during and following a psilocybin truffle retreat in the Netherlands’.

The investigator wrote that the finding about the enduring effects of magic truffles matches with other studies showing that psilocybin produces “long-term positive after-effects”.

Truffles create magic with psilocybin

The retreat used a high dose of psilocybin truffles ranging from 30 grams to 40 grams in the form of tea.

One participant, a male in his 50s, reported a “breakthrough regarding his creative block”.

In addition, the person described an experience of entering a space described as “very bright, very luminous, very beautiful and playful”.

Also, another volunteer, also a man in his 50s, reported a number of significant life changes after his experience with magic truffles and psilocybin.

The man talked about “a certainty of the importance of love”. He felt “closer to the world, the people around” him, and being more “more open, more warm”.

Moreover, another participant, a woman in her 50s, stated that she is now happier after her experience.

The woman also reported changes to her spiritual beliefs. She now “really believes” in some ideas that she questioned before.

As well, she revealed “reduced anxiety regarding death”.

Lastly, the fourth volunteer, a man in his 40s, said that the experience changed his understanding of his place in the world.

He now understands more clearly “what it means to love”. The experience made him “more tolerant, accepting and empathetic towards others”.

Lutkajtis wrote that the study with magic truffles provides preliminary evidence suggesting that a high dose of psilocybin in a well-controlled retreat setting can benefit healthy individuals.

“In such a setting, psilocybin appears to be safe and well tolerated,” Lutkajtis stated.

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